Bring The Best Talent Into Your Business

Attracting the right people to work for is about mixture of positive internal incentives and looking in the right places. A business is necessarily only as good as its people, so recruitment is obviously a big issue for companies that want to succeed.

Ultimately, businesses want to provide a great service and deserve the expansion that comes from doing lots of business. They don’t just want to wing it for a while and if they do they will soon be found out, especially in the modern era when word gets around so quickly because of the internet and social platforms.

Internal incentives

So let’s look first at the issue of positive internal incentives. This needn’t be complicated. The smaller the business, obviously the less leeway there is in terms of offering incentives that end up costing the business money, but they can still attract talent.

They can start by offering a really positive working environment in an office that’s designed and set out to be very vibrant and interesting. They can also offer flexible working hours, a modern approach to dress codes, cycle to work schemes and so on that really appeal to new faces.

More ambitious incentives might include financial things like pension contributions, a generous holiday quota, paid leave for volunteering projects and bonus packages.

Targeted recruitment

Of course, you can’t necessarily attract the right people without looking in the right places. So many employers go on recruitment drives with plenty of incentives up their sleeves only to find that the applications they receive are not of the right standard.

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It’s important to supplement the usual job adverts with more targeted and interesting ways of finding new talent. You can do this online and in print using industry specific magazines and periodicals, but one of the most effective things you can do is go out there and find people.

Event marketing is used on a massive scale and it only gets more effective thanks to the design technology available to visual merchandisers. Recruitment events are live and they give people a chance to really connect with your company and the people that work for you. This is great because it gives you the opportunity to show off the talent already on the books, but it works both ways.

The fact is that your staff get the chance to make a note of the people who interest in your company’s recruitment drive and they are able to offer informed opinions should applications come in from them. By gathering contact details, your team can also go straight to these people and ask them if they are interested in applying for certain opportunities that arise. Proactive individuals use these events to network and to make in-roads within the industry they want to be a part of – this proactivity is a positive starting point but there’s more to learn about potential candidates here.

Making your company a better company to work for just means that when you do find the right people by targeting your recruitment drive more effectively they are more likely to respond positively.

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