Combatting Lies In The Office: How Private Investigation Could Help You At Work


In a recent survey it was revealed that 31% of the population lie on their CVS. With stats like this out and on the rise, how do you know as an employer, that you are making the right choice about a candidate? While honesty is indeed the best policy, too many prospective employees tend to stretch the truth– or not use the truth at all. Employers and employees alike should realise that honesty on a job application is in everyone’s best interest. It will save everyone a considerable amount of time, and it will help to ensure that the most qualified candidate gets hired for the job.

Prospective Employees

The world of business is a dangerous one and so it is important that you are always on your game and this means making sure that you have the best team surrounding you. A private detective could verify the details presented on an application and make sure that you know all the little truths that could impact upon the decision you make. As an employee it is important to remember that no one wants to hire someone who lacks the integrity to be truthful  and even attempting to pass something off as a little white lie can backfire and have consequences.

Employee Conduct

Employees are reported to tell between 4 and 6 lies to their boss or employee every single working day and though the subject matter of these lies and their seriousness varies, dishonesty lies at the centre of all of them. Part of being a good employer is being aware of what is going on around you and a private detective could be your second pair of eyes and ears. From finding out the culprit behind the string of office thefts to monitoring the use of company vehicles or the propriety of office conversation, a private detective could keep you in the loop.

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Crime Prevention

In 2012 alone 9.2 million incidents of crime took place against businesses in England and Wales. Crime prevention and the general security of the work environment is one of the most hands off, cost effective and responsible things that you can do for your company and s something that private detectives are also available to advise and help with. From the installation of CCTV security systems and motion detectors to the display of visual deterrents such as warning signs and security guards, there is always some measure that can be taken to keep your company and hard work that little bit safer.

Rival Businesses

Again, the world of business is a dangerous one and being aware of your competitors and rivals is just as important as knowing what is happening in your office. Leaked information from one company to another can lead to a lot of difficulties down the line so it is important that it is nipped in the bud. If you suspect an employee of leaking information a private detective could find out who and why.

Similarly, competitor numbers and sales can impact on the way that you focus your work or employees so it is important to know that your sources are genuine and not ling for their own advantage or that of the company and this is another aspect of business that private investigation could help with

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