Delivering Engaging Messages With Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is marketing medium which has a very effective response.  Because of its unique and animated content, it is much more interesting to watch than traditional videos. Whiteboards tend to hold a viewer’s attention span longer compared to reading a blog article or other marketing mediums.  To deliver an engaging message, here are some tips to consider.

Avoiding The Pitch

People are used to traditional forms of advertising and tend to reject it.  Unlike TV advertising, where viewers are forced to watch a commercial, with the internet, a potential consumer can simply exit out of the page or click out of the ad.  Since the computer user is in control of the content they are viewing, they are less likely to patiently wait for your sales message to come across.  The key to building a viral video is to have a video focused more on valuable, informative content.

Perhaps you can create a how-to video that connects with your industry or some friendly advice.  Take the time to learn about your customer so you can provide them with videos they relate to, and find interesting. View other companies videos to see how they are connecting with their clients. This is a great way to help you design the right concept for your video.


When you are creating a whiteboard, you need to hire a company with the right skills and expertise. View a typical video so you can get an idea of what makes a video sell. The overall concept in and of itself is unique and quite different from anything else you will find. However, if your video is not targeted to the customers correctly, you will lose out on sales.   A quality video will always appear clean, crisp, and fresh in its overall delivery to the customers. Market research will aid in finding out what your customers expect to hear from your company.

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Effective Audio

While the drawings of your whiteboard animation video should have a polished professional finish, the audio of your video must match the tone of the video.  Some companies choose to hire a professional announcer or spokesperson to record voice-over for the video. Many whiteboard organizations will provide you with a full-service system as they can offer voice-over services that are engaging and interesting. Determine if you want to have voice-over mixed with music.

If you choose to have background music, make sure that it fits the tone of your message.  Musical scores often help people to focus on the message being delivered. There are many composers who will offer free-rights to their music for your videos.

Delivering engaging messages with whiteboard animation is easy to do with the right company. Working with the right company is vital to your marketing message or training video. Experience allows these organizations the ability to know what works and what customers typically respond to. If you have an awesome product you want to market, whiteboard animation is the best way to send the right message.

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