Diversifying Your Online Advertising Strategy

In the world of finance, diversification is a key strategy when it comes to reducing risk and increasing return on investment. Diversification plays an equally important role when it comes to the success of an online advertising campaign. Putting all of your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes, can lead to stagnation when it comes to online advertising, and eventually, wasted advertising dollars. Rather than focusing solely on display banner ads, for example, a successful online advertising strategy will incorporate multiple tactics in order to provide the greatest opportunity for a campaign to succeed.

Why Diversify?

For businesses with a limited advertising budget, launching a diverse online advertising campaign involving multiple ad solutions may seem unrealistic and unnecessary.  The fact is, however, that diversity in online advertising is the best way to get the most out of your online marketing dollars.  But why?  For starters, diversity in online advertising has a compound effect when it comes to success.  In other words, the success of your PPC advertising networks can boost the performance of your remarketing display ads.  Another example of properly implemented and executed tactics helping to improve the performance and results of other online advertising mediums is the symbiotic relationship between SEO and PPC.  Once thought to be either or strategies, online advertising experts now know that combining these two forms of online advertising can have exponential benefits.

Second, diversification lessens the risk of lost advertising money if a particular strategy doesn’t work.  As any credible online marketing professional will tell you, achieving positive results through online advertising is not a quick and easy task.  By implementing multiple strategies simultaneously PPC advertising, email marketing, display advertisements, remarketing, organic search engine optimization, etc. a website is increasing its chances of finding something that works, and making their advertising dollars money well spent.

Finally, a diverse online marketing strategy will provide a larger amount of useful information than a campaign that utilizes only one component of online advertising.  When done simultaneously, diversity in online advertising methods allows for the gathering of important marketing data to occur in a much shorter amount of time.  From there, you can determine which strategies are working best, and which need to be adjusted.  For example, in an online advertising campaign that incorporates mobile advertisements, PPC ad networks, and remarketing technology, the amount of data that will be accessible in three months time might take nine months to accumulate if each tactic was run on its own.

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