Free Ways To Boost Employee Productivity

Improving employee productivity is one of the chief concerns of any business. The more dedication an employer can get from employees, the more revenue they earn and better experience they provide customers. A recent study showed that it was not salary or benefits that created more productive employees, but recognition. When an employee feels appreciated, they work harder and enjoy their work life more. There are multiple ways employers can show employees they care, and it doesn’t cost them anything.

Bring Outside Services In

There are a lot of small perks that employees would love to enjoy, but simply don’t have the time to. If a business has extra space available, this provides a great opportunity to bring these perks to employees. Small businesses such as dry cleaners or fitness trainers are often more than willing to partner with businesses to service their employees. These small things can make an employee’s personal life less hectic and lead to feelings of appreciation and happiness.

Make Food a Priority

Scientific research has shown that people who eat on a regular basis perform better at given tasks. This is especially true of employees who may be working towards a looming deadline and need fuel to keep them going. Local food providers are guaranteed to jump at the chance to make their delicious choices available to employees. This option does not even require large amounts of space as many businesses will simply bring in their food daily and make it available for purchase.

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Make Books or Movies Available

Another great way to create happiness in a workplace is to make leisurely items available to employees. Books and movies are a great way for employees to unwind once they go home. Initiating a book and movie exchange allows employees to share what they already have with their co-workers. This not only gives employees a way to de-stress, but also fosters a sense of community within the workplace.

Create Local Discounts

Employees will often have a variety of stops to make on their way home and would love the chance to receive discounts at their favorite places. Business owners can speak with other local business owners to see if their employees can get a discount. This influx of business for local shop owners both makes employees feel appreciated and helps them save money.

Give Them Knowledge

Many employees have interests outside of work that they would enjoy learning more about. Setting up programs where employees can learn about these hobbies on their lunch break is a great way to show you care about them both inside and outside the workplace. Many of the instructors for these courses will only require a small fee from employees or may even teach it for free.

Let Them Know You Care

A small amount of consideration from business owners can go a long way to creating a productive work environment. When employers give back to their workforce, they will see this returned tenfold in sales or improvement of service.

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