How An Air Curtain Can Keep The Heat Within Your Commercial Premises

Many commercial buildings now use air curtain technology to keep the ambient temperature inside the building at a constant temperature.

Often large premises have large doorways or large loading bays. And it’s these areas where most heat is lost from a temperature controlled environment. Reducing the exchange of heat from these areas is especially important when the doors are opened for long periods of time or in climes where the outside is much hotter or colder than the inside of the building.

The traditional case of heat loss

When a door is used on a frequent basis heat from inside the building will escape every time that door is opened. The law of convection dictates that the heat will leave the room via the upper portion of the door while the cold air will enter the room via the lower portion of the door. This doesn’t have to happen however and an air curtain can stop this happening completely.

The way an air curtain works is to disrupt the natural convection process and provide a steady stream of warm air across the doorway so that no cold air will be allowed to escape.

The classic use of an air curtain

If you think of a retail shop on the high street, the doors will likely open and close on a frequent basis. And in some instances they can be open for a long period of time while shoppers walk into and out of the store. If the warm air is allowed to escape from the shop due to the doors being open all the time it will be extremely difficult to maintain a comfortable environment in the store for the shoppers.

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The main benefits of air curtains include:

Energy savings

Perhaps the main benefit of air curtains is their energy saving potential. This will lead to less energy use and hence reduced costs and also and perhaps more importantly reduced carbon emissions.

Customer and employee comfort

Making sure your employees work in a comfortable climate is imperative. It doesn’t mater if you are providing ergonomic chairs for them to sit on or are making sure that the temperature in the facility is within acceptable limits, it’s important to promote an acceptable environment.

Open-door environment

There have been many studies carried out which show that commercial establishments which have open doors attract more footfall than a unit where a customer has to open a door themselves to enter. Air curtain technology promotes this culture and thus helps establishment footfall figures.

Refrigerated environments

In situations when stock has to be kept in a cold store it’s imperative that the temperature doesn’t rise or the food could be damaged. It’s thus important to use cold air curtain technology to make sure that the cold room remains cold, even when a door is opened.

Working environment protection

One of the by-products of an air curtain, as well as the extra heat created, is the reduction of outdoor contaminants entering the building when the air curtain is active. The air curtain can stop dust, fumes, insects and other pollutants entering and thus make it a more comfortable place for those within the building.

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