How An HVAC Company Can Use GPS Vehicle Tracking

Though profitable, HVAC companies are a lot of work to run. On top of making sure that your technicians are up-to-date on safety and procedure trainings, having all your insurance policies in check, keeping up with heat waves and ice storms, and all the other challenges, you’ve got to also manage a fleet of vehicles, which is like a second job in and of itself. Making sure these vehicles are in working condition to get to where they need to be is difficult enough, but you can bet that you’re also going to have your clients calling and wanting to know just how quickly your technician can get to the site in a heat wave.

That’s why so many companies are choosing to implement GPS tracking devices. You, as the manager, can know where your vehicles are 24/7 and if you wish you can even provide this information to your clients so they can get an ETA. Better yet, you can know if your technicians are held up, and why.

How Your Services Are Improved

If you’ve ever been a technician of any sort, you know how much your phone is ringing off the hook while you’re on the job. Your client wants to know where you are, your manager wants to know where you are, everything needs to be documented, you need to run back and forth to the store for supplies, and so on and so forth. It’s simply easier if there’s a tracking device in your vehicle so that you don’t have to constantly be updating everyone on your status and ETA.

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These devices can also keep track of traffic and make scheduling easier. If there’s an emergency job, you can find which of your technicians is closest to the site to see who could get there the most quickly. You can also see if there is traffic so you can inform the customer if your tech will be late.

How Managers Can Gain Peace of Mind

With vehicle tracking devices, you can make sure that your employees aren’t taking any pit stops while on the job, such as food breaks or stopping at home. You can also be sure that your drivers are following safety laws so that your company can avoid tickets and your drivers don’t gain a bad reputation for the company. If desired, you can even give rewards to safe drivers.

How You can Save Money

When you’ve got a good tracking system, you can always choose the most efficient route to a site and therefore save the most gas and time. The quicker a tech can get to a site, more jobs that can be completed in the day; you’ll be bringing in more money and making more clients happy. Being able to prove that your drivers are safe will also help in making sure that your fleet’s insurance is more affordable. Finally, if anything from the job gets lost, a technician will be able to retrace his steps in order to find it.

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