How To Approach Business With Americans

Throughout life it is likely that you will meet a number of people who come from different countries. In many cases this means that they will have been raised within a culture that differs considerably from the one you grew up in. When this is the case it is possible to notice the specific values that people have had instilled in them and showing respect to these ideals is most certainly a necessity. In business, the need to understand the various backgrounds of those you work with and how this manifests itself in the way they operate is particularly crucial.

If you do not take the time to familiarise yourself with the various elements of a person’s business culture then there is every chance that it will lead to confusion and potential problems with your dealings. Misunderstandings happen from time to time but it is much better if they can be avoided, especially if there is the possibility of offence being caused and a working relationship being compromised. American business culture is certainly interesting and whether you come from a fellow English-speaking nation or not, it is possible that you will be used to doing things slightly differently, so it helps to understand their style.

Staying within the boundaries

While it is important to acknowledge that not all businesses in a single country do things in exactly the same way you are likely to find that Americans prefer to stick to the script. This applies in a number of ways, including the attitude to laws and other general rules, as well as when it comes to the responsibilities of each individual. Thinking outside of the box can be very beneficial in a lot of situations but the perception of those from the US is that they prefer to avoid this in business.

The willingness to consume

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Consumerism thrives in the US and this is a detail that is particularly noticeable for those doing business with Americans for the first time. The way that business is done in America falls in line with this and although there is a love of celebrity in many places around the world it is almost off the scale in this case.

Unforgiving nature

A headstrong and rigid approach is seen so often in American business and it is expected that you treat your work with the utmost sincerity. The way of working in the States tends to be especially unforgiving so the importance of getting it right in the initial instance takes on even more significance than usual.

Relation to sports

Sweden is an example of a country that has been known to use sporting terminology in business and the US is certainly a nation that embraces this technique. Understanding the American love for different sports and how this crosses over into business is useful.

The value of money

It would be foolhardy to suggest that there are any business cultures that do not recognise how valuable money is but in the US it is certainly extremely highly regarded. You can expect to see this used as the justification for many decisions made.

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