How To Create A Really Memorable Corporate Event

Budgets nowadays are getting more and more stretched when it comes to planning and staging a corporate event. Every corporate event that is planned and implemented needs to demonstrate return on investment attached to it to ensure its value and to justify the budgets that are spent.

Events also involve a great deal of resource being put into them, including resource for the event planning itself, the running of the event and the participants, such as speakers and presenters, in an event.

However, events remain a vital part of the communications mix for many brands, large and small, to convey a strong brand image, to engage with audiences and to promote and communicate products, services and new initiatives.

So here are a few pointers on how to create a memorable event for your company that will also secure return on investment for the budget you spend.

1. Use High Profile Speakers

The content of the event is key; the whole point of holding an event will be to promote your brand, by positioning and promoting your services and products.  Either way, having high profile speakers or experts in their field will act as a draw for your event and create a kudos associated with your event.

Attendees will also appreciate the chance to network with your expert speakers and this will create a lasting memory and brand association with the experts.

2.Have Exclusive Content

In order to get your guests to your event in the first place, you need to give them an exclusive that will attract them to attend. You can offer an exclusive nugget of information concentrated on your industry or a discount on a new product that you are launching. An exclusive could also be having a high profile guest speaker that will appeal to your audience.

Think about an exclusive that is appealing and valuable to your audience and that will help to fill your event spaces.

3.Always Feature Qs and As in Some Form

It’s important to remember that an event is not just one-way, i.e. your way. Involving your attendees in discussions and debates are a good thing that can add interest to a corporate event. Attendees are always interested in hearing others’ points of views and it can spark a useful and interesting debate that will make people remember your event as being useful and also not company-centric.

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You can also structure your event agenda so that you feature break-out groups to further encourage and stimulate debate within groups. This will also help attendees to network more easily and smoothly when they are talking about common topics that interest them.

A panel is also a great way to stimulate debate and is ideal for your high profile speakers to answer specific questions that your guests may have.

4.Choose an Outstanding Venue

Choosing a venue will be the one of the first things that you will do, so choose wisely. A great venue will appeal to invitees and attract them to attend in the first place. There are many great venues that you can hire out as a whole or hire out a smaller space within a venue. Choose landmarks if possible, such as well known art galleries, museums and historical and cultural places of interest. Status colleges and universities also have rooms and halls that can be rented out. Always check the technology at the venue to ensure it can cater for your technical requirements.

5.Choose Quirky Entertainment

It’s important to get people talking and networking at your event. Corporate events can start off quite stuffy or awkward, so think about ways to break the ice between everyone. Creating talking points through gimmicks and giveaways is a good ice-breaker.

You can also hire something special for your event like a photo booth that will certainly get groups of attendees talking and raise their spirits. A branded photo booth is a great way to extend your brand too and the photographs are branded. They can be uploaded digitally which means that attendees can share them with their friends and colleagues for further viral distribution  all with your brand on the photos!

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