How To Make Your Customers Customers For Life

If you have managed to get a new customer or client then that’s great news for your business. Not only is this an instant injection of cash for you, but it’s also a vote of confidence and more importantly, a lead. Leads are important because they are much easier to find than customers and clients but are nevertheless potential customers that could earn you money in the future.

Leads are anyone who has shown an interest in your business before and who you have the details for and that means that you should be able to get them to buy from you with the right nudge. Ex customers are one of the very best leads because they have shown that they are potentially interested in using your business at least and that they have the money and the need to do so.

Don’t think of each transaction as something that happens quickly and then is over, think of it as the start of a new relationship which you can then use to get more business in future.

But how do you encourage your customers to come back? How do you turn a one-time client into a life-long client? Here are some of the best methods to use.

Provide a Great Service

More important than anything else is to make sure that you provide a fantastic service that will make your customers or clients eager to work with you again. This means going above and beyond the call of duty, and it means finding ways to make your customers happy with you. If you can surprise your customers pleasantly (by getting your deliveries there early for instance or including free gifts) then you can make sure they remember you fondly and maybe even feel obligated to return the favour by using you again.

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Offer Deals

Another strategy that can work even better is to give your one-time customers money off of their next purchase. This way you will not only win their favour, but also give them incentive to use your services again. And once they’ve bought from you more than once, they will be much more likely to keep coming back in future.

Collect the Details

When you sell a product or a service you are going to need to take that person’s address, e-mail and other details in most cases. Include a box asking if you can contact them again, and then make sure to use lead management and lead tracking to keep these details safe and to make the most of them.

Reach Out

From here you can then use those details to reach out with e-mail marketing so that you stay fresh in your customer’s minds. Alternatively you can invite them to like your page on Facebook or to follow you on Twitter which will give you another means of reaching out to them regularly and communicating with them.

Use Remarketing

Google AdWords is a great tool for promoting a website as you only pay for clicks meaning that you waste the minimum amount of cash. Even better is ‘Google Remarketing’ which means that those AdWords ads will be tailored for previous visitors to your site – a great way to remind them that you’re around and to show them ads that they have a proven interest in.

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