How To Motivate Non-Sales Staff

How To Motivate Non-Sales Staff

A motivated staff is a productive staff, which turns into bigger profits for your company. Motivating your non-sales staff can be tricky, but there are steps you can take to raise morale. Try some of the ideas below on your staff and watch productivity soar.

Cash Rewards

Let’s be frank: the biggest reason your employees are working for you is likely because they’re getting paid. Money is a great motivator. You can take advantage of this fact by providing monetary rewards for your employees. Cash rewards work well in the context of a contest, but a simple bonus can be a great motivator too.

Wall of Fame

Public praise is a great motivator, but talk is fleeting. Instead, motivate your employees by immortalizing their hard work in a wall of fame. Set aside a portion of a common wall to honor the employees that go above and beyond. Post a picture of the employee, their name, and a personal message thanking them for their hard work. Recognize a new employee every month, or whenever you notice behavior that you would like your other employees to emulate.

Run a Contest

Whether they admit it or not, every employee wants to win. Use this desire to increase productivity and morale by creating a contest. This tactic can be customized to meet whatever needs your company is currently experiencing. Do you have a deadline looming? Challenge your employees to finish their workload quickly. Whoever finishes his or her work first gets a prize. If you feel that camaraderie is lacking among your staff, a team building contest could be the help you need. Even something as simple as an office raffle can put employees in a positive state of mind.

Time Off

Offering some time away from the office can be a great incentive. You can use this as a direct reward for good performance. However, the gesture will mean even more to an employee who really needs it. If a young parent asks for a day off for a family manner, consider giving it to her if her performance allows for it. She’ll be grateful for it and come back ready to work harder than ever.

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Dress Down Days

It is a rare employee who actually enjoys wearing a tie every day. Having an office-wide casual dress day can be a great morale booster. If you do not enforce a dress code, consider doing the opposite and having a Formal Friday. Your employees may enjoy having the chance to dress up.


The subheading says it all. Employees don’t work well on an empty stomach. Bring in food items as time and budgets allow. This could mean muffins every Wednesday morning or lattes during long meetings. Be sure to be aware of any special dietary needs your employees might have before trying this incentives an employee with a nut allergy may not appreciate a plate of walnut brownies.

Take a Group on an Outing

If a certain team of people has been performing well, take them out of the office for a meal or for an afternoon. This rewards the employees and keeps them motivated, but it also incentivizes other groups to work harder. If you have a smaller office, consider taking everyone out after certain milestones are reached. In-office parties are a viable alternative if your budget does not allow for taking a large group out for a meal.

Motivating your non-sales staff can be rewarding for both you and your employees. Your employees will appreciate the recognition and rewards, while you will benefit from increased performance and an overall boost in morale. While some rewards may not fit into your current financial situation, no matter what your budget there are things you can do to motivate and reward your staff.

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