How To Prepare For A Cabin Crew Assessment Day

A cabin crew assessment day is a day that is basically used to evaluate the efficiency of cabin crew members for a particular airline. If you have been doing or want to do cabin crew training, then you will need to have information on what is assessed on this particular day.

Passenger safety
Flight briefing: As a cabin crew member, you will have to participate in a mandatory briefing with a lead cabin crew member and aircraft pilots.

Safety check: Before the flight, all cabin crew members have to check all safety devices on the plane.

Loading baggage: Baggage on a flight has to be checked for size weight and any dangerous goods.
Demonstration of safety: Prior to every flight, all cabin crew have to perform a safety demonstration. In the event there is a safety video in place, they have to monitor passengers using it.

Cabin security: Just before take off, the cabin crew has to ensure all seat belts are fastened, hand baggage is stored properly, armrests are down, all seats are in an upright position and all tray tables are folded up.

Cabin inspections: Regular inspections have to be done whereby strange situations and sounds are checked.

Emergencies: All air crew members have to know how to manage different emergency situations with First Aid skills being very important.

Customer service
During the flight briefing, crew members will be informed of any passengers with special needs and they should assist them with the same.
Flight tasks: Before passengers begin to board, the plane has to be tidy and clean. The crew will also have to ensure all stock and meals are on board and that details that were provided in the chair pockets are updated.
Welcoming passengers: All crew members have to welcome passengers when they board and ensure they leave the flight safely when they disembark.
Serving refreshments: Throughout the flight, the crew will serve passengers with light snacks, drinks and food.

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Offer duty-free items: The cabin crew members have to offer duty-free items to passengers. These items are normally sold at lower prices and they include alcohol, tobacco and cologne. The crew should also inform passengers on restrictions on each item the passengers wish to buy.
Post-flight duties: The air crew has to tidy and clean the plane after the flight. They should also ensure there is no baggage left inside the plane especially inside overhead lockers.

There are several requirements that you will have to meet as an air crew member. Some of the most common are:
Passport: Apart from holding a United Kingdom or European Union passport, you will have to produce relevant documents that state you are entitled to work and live in the UK.
Education: Most airlines require cabin crew members to have a minimum of 4 G.C.S.E.s subjects a grade C or higher. Two of these grades have to be in Maths and English. Take note that if you have higher education, virtually all airlines will accept your application.
When you take these things into consideration, you will have known what is a cabin crew assessment day and how to pass it.

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