How To Write Very Interesting Tweet That Will Lead People To Click

Do you want to attract traffic to your website via Twitter? You can do it by writing interesting tweet along with your website link. But the trick is to make people want to click your link right away. If you can’t do it, you won’t be able to attract traffic from Twitter. The way you present your link will determine the way people will respond toward it.

Here are 5 tips to write very interesting tweet that will lead people to click:

1. Link To Your Special Content
It’s natural for people to read only content that interests them. If the content is not interesting, you can’t expect people to follow your link. That’s why you have to link only to your special content if you want to make it popular via Twitter. It will help your website to get more traffic because it will enhance people’s impression toward your website.Linking only to high quality content will help to increase people’s interest toward your website.

2.Build Up The Curiosity
Don’t just link your content with your headline. That’s the ‘not-so-interesting’ way to get people to click your link. You need to build curiosity in your tweet in order to make people want to click your link. How to build relationship in your tweet? You can do it by giving mystery about the content. Make people guess about it, and make them want to know about it for themselves.A tweet that builds curiosity will always win your audience’s attention.

3.Question And Relation
Ask them a question about something. This question needs to address your audience’s problem. Also, you should provide the solution in your website. It’s a simple relation that you’ll build. The question represents the problem, and the link represents the solution. This is a good way to attract people to your website. There’s also another way. You can relate your own experience with your audience. Tell them that you’ve been working to find the solution of your problem, and now you find it.

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4.Spot On Solution
The solution that you give to your audience should be spot on, or in other words, it should be right for them. Many people realize that most articles that are posted on the web are junk, and they can’t get any value out of it. That’s why you need to be different in offering your solution to your audience. Your website should provide spot on solution for their problem. This is the only way to attract their attention.

5.Use Power Words
Remember that people who have many following on Twitter will see their Twitter stream getting updated very quickly. Unless you can catch their eyes with your tweet, you can’t do anything to attract their attention, let alone persuade them to click your link. That’s why you need to use power words in your tweet. It will help to catch their attention immediately. Study popular magazines and take a look at their headlines. Follow their way of writing headline and apply it in your tweet. You’ll be astonished about the result that you get.

Those are 5 tips to write very interesting tweet that will lead people to click. Without following the tips above, your tweet might go unnoticed by your followers, and the link will not be touched by them at all. That’s why you should follow the strategic tips above to ensure your success in attracting traffic to your website via Twitter.

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