How Updating Your Bakery Can Increase Your Business

Kids love to press noses against a warm bakery display case. They scrunch their noses all around and lick their tongues on the glass. Oh, how I wish it were clean.

Make your bakery display case work for you –

Of course, your bakery does not owe anything to the kids’ immune systems, but there is no stopping them from becoming your biggest customers someday. Still, you might ask if your bakery display case is helping or hurting your business.

Whipped cream, custards and butter creams, and perishable items like ham or cheese croissants need refrigerated display. Breads, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, and other “dry” baked goods do not. But, traditional bakery display cases add an “old school” ambiance as well as secure and clean protection.

Think of the bakery store as a visual whole –

  • Do not shelve things in cases without a plan. The most effective display presents a sensation: color, light, and aroma. You need to be able to reach and remove things with ease. Having taken care of that, consider the following: Create tiers and layers with individual portable stands or pedestals for cookies or cupcakes.
  • Use place-card holders to describe items. If typed, include ingredients for the allergic. Otherwise, have them creatively inked by a calligrapher. Include pricing for customers to calculate their planned purchase.
  • Do not rely on white alone or strong holiday colors. Creams, sands, and off-whites complement to the colors of the baked goods. Bright colors may work if they accent cake decorative colors. Work all colors into a textured palette with easily washed cloth spread across the floor of the case and/over the tiers and shelves.
  • Very few people walk out of a bakery with just one item – especially if there is a child involved. You can also display like items near each other; for example, bagels go with cream cheese and fresh coffee. Hot teas go with light pastries, and juice boxes and cookies are set for the children.
  • If items are pre-wrapped and do not need added protection, place them about the store in baskets or decorative boxes, some with holiday themes or artificial fruit.
  • You do not need light to brighten the store. Subdued and indirect lighting is more comfortable and appealing. House lamps add a soft light even in overhead lighting. And, if the lighting is fine as a whole, you do not need too much lighting in the display cases, so experiment with what you need at different times of the day.
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