Maximizing Your Event Space

When it comes to event rental, your clientele can be your best friend or your greatest enemy. Keeping a quality facility is key in order to encourage repeat business and long-term success. Whether it’s a recurring business conference or a wedding between friends, ensuring the best possible experience for your renters is key. But at what cost? Rest assured, the improvements may not be as expensive as you think.


Your staff is the face of your facility. When clients are paying for their service, they expect the best that their money can buy. Evaluate everything from your catering team to your valet runners and ensure that you are presenting a quality front, because this is the first thing that a client will notice about their experience. Gourmet filet mignon matters little if the waiter’s tattoo shows above their collar. A friendly coat check attendant will quickly fall out of favor if she spends too much time sifting through her inventory. For in-house employees, the quality is in your control, however with third-party service, there could quite possibly be better options available to you.


For an event to run smoothly, the staff must overcome an average of 20 incidents and unforeseen circumstances. On-site management is paramount for a successful event, and in turn, a satisfied client. In other words, it does not matter how nice your space is if a room full of executives sits waiting in it while IT is troubleshooting the projector. Employing a smart, creative, passionate event manager will make all the difference in your bottom line, making your clients feel cared for and solving issues as they arise. This personal touch is what translates into referrals and repeat business.

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Your renters are ultimately concerned about their guests – meaning your facility could have 300 furniture testers on any given occasion. For events that last longer than 10 minutes (i.e. all events), poor quality chairs will show their true value in a painful way, ensuring you will not win their repeat business. Don’t cut corners. High-quality Bentwood chairs can be purchased at very affordable rates and will greatly improve your facility’s rental value. From an elegant Cadorna for weddings to a dignified and comfortable Vittel armchair for your conference rentals – the options are many, and the return is large.

When All Is Said and Done

Your event facility must be able to represent itself well. There are very few ways to hide shortcomings when hundreds of people are scrutinizing every aspect of your space and its service. Everything from IT issues to chairs are called to a bright, sometimes unflattering, light – and it’s up to you to ensure that it reflects well on your facility. Keep in mind, event hosting and planning can be lucrative, but is also highly dependent on repeat clients, and bad news travels much more quickly than good.

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