Office Attire: 5 Reasons for Establishing a Small Business Dress Code

A business is not going to survive unless everyone takes their jobs seriously. An easy way to get people into a professional and productive mindset is to force everyone to dress like a professional. While you don’t need to wear suits and ties each day, wearing jeans and sandals to work doesn’t fly either.

1) Clients Can Stop By Anytime

Although your company may not see its clients each day, you never know when a client could stop by unannounced. If he or she were to see everyone with torn jeans and short skirts, the client may assume that he or she is working with a group of people who aren’t too worried about professionalism. That could cost your company money.

2) Casual is Unprofessional

Wearing a t-shirt to work implies that you aren’t concerned with professionalism. Whether you are meeting with clients, having meetings within your company, or just doing day to day work, it’s important to look professional. A dress code can help all employs know that professionalism begins with dressing professionally.

3) Dress For The Job That You Want

Employees should be coming to work dressed like the executives that they want to be someday. This means wearing a nice dress shirt and slacks. For both men and women, it means good grooming and hygiene habits should be followed even if there isn’t a dress code. Even if you dress informally at home, business attire is something that you need to get used to if you want to be a respected businessperson.

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4) Strive For Better Things

Dressing professionally can help get your whole company into the right state of mind. It’s okay to wear mens t shirts at home or around the house, but it’s important to come to work dressed professionally. A business dress code will also inspire your workers to become better at what they do and help them want to improve their skills.

5) Your Business Is Not A Dating Site

Employees can get distracted by female employees wearing tight clothes or men who wear shirts without sleeves. The important thing to remember is that you are trying to make money for your company as opposed to finding a date for this weekend. Anything that distracts from the productivity of the business is bad for the company.

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