Options For VOIP In The Marketplace

Does your business use VOIP? VOIP is one of the most important business technologies that has emerged in the digital era. Hosted VOIP and other leading VOIP services have become an essential part of infrastructure for many companies, making communication faster, cheaper and far more user friendly.

However, there are many different ways a business can choose to utilize VOIP. Which way is right for your business?

Here are the three main options and how they can benefit you.

1. Limited use of free VOIP services. Most people use VOIP in their day to day lives even if they don’t know it. For instance, free programs like Skype make use of VOIP technology to make phone calls and video calls without paying a phone bill. Likewise, apps that allow free texting on your phone using your data connection are also using VOIP-like technology. VOIP stands for voice over IP meaning phone service using the internet instead of phone lines or cell plans. Many businesses use these kinds of programs for limited video conferencing and video chat with clients. Since they’re free there’s no reason not to although they don’t offer the full functionality or cost-saving that a professional VOIP service can provide.

2. Premises-hosted business VOIP. Businesses can replace their normal telephony technology with VOIP, a process that is extremely inexpensive and can sometimes work with existing telephones. A monthly VOIP plan is purchased to provide phone, texting, and teleconferencing services plus basic accessories like voicemail. Because it is all conducted over the internet, cost is far lower than traditional telephone service with no extra charges for long distance or large conference calls. Such a service requires hosting, and that can be managed through your existing on-site servers (if any) which is what makes it premises hosted.

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3. Fully hosted. All businesses want to minimize risk, and cut down on the cost of technology. For most businesses a VOIP service that is fully, externally hosted will be the best investment. A fully hosted plan will use external servers at a secure data center, typically backed up with redundant servers at a third location. All the benefits are the same as premises hosted plans, but the VOIP service is even more secure and reliable.  Hosted VoIP is usually less expensive than premises-based VoIP, as well, and the hosting company does all the maintenance and upgrading, so your company has less work to keep the system working and up to date.

Using VOIP technology is fast becoming the norm in the business world because it is cheaper and more effective than traditional phone service. Don’t waste money by delaying consider what kind of impact a hosted VOIPservice could have on your business.

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