Private Investigation And Benefit Fraud: Where Two Worlds Collide

What is Benefit Fraud?

According to the government definition, benefit fraud takes many forms. Below are examples of the most common types that investigators see regularly.

  • Working while claiming benefit
  • Living together
  • Cashing benefit payment when not entitled to do so
  • Multiple-identity fraud
  • Housing Benefit fraud
  • Falsely claiming benefit
  • Failing to report a source of income
  • Failing to report savings above the benefit level
  • Failing to report a change in circumstances

Benefit fraud is a serious and all too common a crime that can have significant repercussions if discovered or reported so it is important to know where you stand in terms of benefits.

Who Does it Effect?

As a crime on the rise, the effects of benefit fraud are surprisingly and worryingly widespread. The rise of benefit fraud, as you will have heard in the media, is taking its toll on the government in terms of costs and resources for one which has led to the current crackdown on fraudulent claims. This has led to changes for other benefit claimants and is disruptive to the system that has been upturned as a result of the abuse. Benefit fraud impacts both these and more in terms of costs, time and resources but most importantly, impacts upon you as an individual and a tax payer.

How Can Private Investigator Help?

Private investigation is something not often linked to benefit fraud but it can really have a big impact on identifying possible cases and sustaining these until the appropriate evidence is found. A private detective is able to not only to find and identify those making fraudulent claims but can also provide the appropriate evidence that is needed to reach a valid conclusion and possibly a conviction of the claims are found to be true. As highly trained individuals experienced in a variety of cases, private detectives can provide something for every case.

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Cases Solved in the Past

A woman suspected that her neighbour who was disruptive and often unpleasant and rude was fraudulently claiming benefits and had been for a considerable time. Without evidence the woman could not put in a claim and so contacted a private detective to help gain the evidence that she needed. Surveillance was set up on the property and a series of background checks were run on the individual and the family members living with her to find out the truth.

Soon into the investigation it was discovered that the woman’s suspicions about her neighbour were correct and evidence was obtained to this effect that she was later able to present to the local authorities.

A family were concerned that an individual that they had met several weeks before were involved in falsely claiming benefits. After overhearing some elements of a conversation between the individual and another party, the family became concerned that the individual was lying about his assets so that he would be able to claim a large amount of benefits to sustain his home and lifestyle. After consultation with a private detective the best course of action for the case was determined and agreed upon, the investigation began.

The private detective was able to confirm the client’s suspicions and the appropriate action was taken against the individual who was taken to court for his claim

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