Protection on Construction Sites

All accidents are just waiting to happen when we’re not careful, so there’s no need to challenge them. For just a second of inattention you’re in danger of every sort of accident from tripping and falling to getting hit by a bus. On a construction site, the chances of getting hurt are even bigger because of all the heavy and unstable materials that are handled with there. Being irresponsible and selfish by not taking the precautionary measures can threaten not just your life, but the life of the workers or your friends that wanted to help you.

The most usual cause of injuries on construction sites is height. Extension and platform ladders are one of the main problems because workers are not careful with them and it’s hard to see if they are cracked except if you look for the crack every time before using them. It’s safer to use custom access platforms because of their stability, if they are put together right. There are a couple different types.

  • Access platforms with adjustable heights

  • Access platform in the shape of stairs

  • Airplane mobile access platform stairs

  • Access platform bridges

  • Platform loaders

  • Underground loaders

  • Rail maintenance platforms

  • Bus access platforms

  • Heavy vehicle maintenance platforms

With the help of these access platforms you’ll lower the chances of anybody getting hurt. They are stable and because of their reliability, they are used for a long time. While installing these access platforms, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully and by doing that, people avoid a list of injuries. It’s very important to use smart equipment and protect your staff and friends while working or while people are visiting the site.

The problem that the height causes can easily be significantly reduced by taking care of some additional safety measures. This is something like a fence on high access platforms and it can be installed along with the platforms or it can be mobile.

  • Mini mobile edge protection

  • Easy rail edge protection

Dangerous installations, heavy materials and bad wiring are also the trouble makers that need some attention. Accidents by some of these causes may not be so fatal, but should still be avoided. Weather is also an important factor. Ice, rain or heat shouldn’t be taken lightly because they affect not only the materials and construction installations but the workers too. For personal protection, workers should always have hearing protection and hardhats. They are the easiest to wear and the most helpful, when it comes to light injuries. When it comes to dust and other more dangerous matters, the use of a respirator is needed.

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Workers should be trained to handle the equipment that is used on construction sites, like compressed air pumps, hydraulic shoring jacks, welding equipment, devices for demolition or hydraulic concrete pumps. Heavy rotating machinery is also the cause of many injuries. Saws of all kinds – concrete, cut-off – are hard to handle safely. It takes years and years of practice to be almost sure that you won’t hurt yourself, but the risk is always there. Except for saws, there are different types of hammers and knifes that represent a lesser threat than saws, but shouldn’t be played with. The huge cranes used for lifting may be really dangerous even with the smallest mistakes. The things lifted by cranes are heavy and unstable in the air and if pushed or buzzed from a wrong site just a little bit, it can have some really dangerous consequences.

The jobsite should be controlled daily. That’ll exclude all the unnecessary injuries that can sometimes be fatal. Providing all the equipment for protection and making sure that the workers are using it properly is a big responsibility. The work that needs to be done will be done more efficiently, it’ll take less time if you skip injuries and more importantly – you’ll have a clear conscience. Safety should always come first, especially when it’s on a construction site. The job is hard, even with all the helpful machinery that tends to be dangerous. The proper use of this machinery and the maintenance of it will affect the time needed to complete the tasks, and it won’t hurt any worker or damage the material. If you take care of your workers, they’ll undoubtedly take care of the construction site.

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