Spark Safety Awareness In Your Company

The range of lockout devices available to help you reduce worker injury and help protect from serious injuries that could result in death, encompass more options than you may be aware of. Generally speaking there is some sort of lockout available for just about every twist and turn of the electrical pathway. You can put a lockout directly on your circuit breaker or even install a plug lockout to control the usage of an electrical plug. Before going all out and installing lockouts all over your facility you may find that just a few well placed lockouts can do the job.

Dual Purpose

Sometimes the lockout serves a dual purpose. While it is designed to keep access limited, the lockbox also naturally puts up a bit of a warning to sign to any that may encounter the device along their journey to accomplish one task or another. The message is clear; it requires that somebody stop and evaluate what they are doing. Even if the individual has permitted access to the area with the lockout, the device gives them that subtle reminder that they must be highly alert and attentive to the repercussions of their next few actions.

Posting warning signs all around a workplace can only go so far with boosting safety awareness. Leaving ‘do not touch’ signs can easily cause the curious-cat syndrome. Before you know it somebody is messing with something they shouldn’t merely because you had told them not too. At least with the lockout you can control it. Universities are privy to utilising the aid of a lockout to help keep students prying fingers out of places where they don’t need to be.

You don’t have to make a big fuss over why you needed to install better security measures. In fact you can keep things silent and let the lockout speak for itself. Whoever would be messing around with an area they need not, will get the clear message when they realise they are unable to go about with their antics.

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Provides Opportunity for Safety Education

If however you are installing the heightened security measures to help prevent injury you may want to use the opportunity to remind your teammates or employees of the reasoning behind your new installation. Along with instruction on who should be unlocking the device, you can remind others of the importance of safety.

Sometimes people may think that you are insulting their intelligence or questioning their judgment when you have to put a safety feature upon a device. Odds are that this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. If you remind others that you are trying to protect them and that you want people to be more aware of their surroundings you can increase team moral and hopefully remind them of an important lesson.

Work related injuries aren’t just a problem for the finance department of a company. These accidents usually result in some form of serious injury that is more times than not an injury that causes permanent damage. Only an employer that didn’t care about their workers would allow individuals to work in a substandard and risky work environment. Whenever you are dealing with heavy machinery, massive electronics or even toxic chemicals, you need to make sure that proper precautionary measures are ensued to minimise the possibility for user error.

Maximise Mental Presence

The few extra moments that it takes a person to take the necessary actions to remove a total lockout device could be the window of opportunity that hesitation needs in order to creep into awareness and remind the individual to be extra cautious.

Obviously sometimes accidents happen. There is no set way to prevent them from ever happening. But by taking more control of your working environment you can monitor those critical errors where major accidents or past accidents have taken place.

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