The Unsung Heroes

Each day around the world thousands of men, women and young adults arrive at their workplace to begin their day. Many of these people just blend into the backgrounds of their respective companies. Meaning that yes they have a job and get paid, but they aren’t necessarily the face of the company. However, this doesn’t mean their jobs are not important. In fact, quite the opposite is true in that this section of the workforce is at times the unseen heartbeat of their employer.

Security Personnel

Security personnel are vital for the success of any company, no matter what industry they are in or how large the company is. Whether your company hires a single guard for every shift or if you need a team of personnel located throughout the premises they can prove to be an important asset. These men and women are often the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your building and the assets it houses. They can also prove to be a good source of information and directions for visitors or potential clients who need help navigating your location.

Personnel in this capacity may also be part of a larger security system that is in place. For example, a ca**** will hire both uniformed and plain clothed men and women as a part of a greater security network meant to protect the gamblers and the money that are circulating throughout the location.

The Administrative Staff

When an entrepreneur first comes up with a plan to open a new company, it is often times on their shoulders alone to take care of every aspect of the company. Beyond day to day operations they may also be the marketing department as well as the one in charge of setting up appointments to meet with potential clients. However, as that fledging company grows larger, the work load will eventually become too much for a single person to handle in a reasonable amount of time.

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Once the workload reaches this limit it may be a wise move for the owner to start hiring a support staff. By hiring men and women to fill positions such as scheduling and marketing, the owner will then have more time to focus on the heartbeat of the company.


As a company grows in size, the owner(s) may decide that they want to expand to a second location. When this happens, there will be many questions that will need to be addressed. There may also be a need to set up a contingency plan to keep the company’s operations running smoothly during the moving process. This is where hiring a team of logistics workers will come in handy. Men and women in this department can be trained to run the day to day operations. Another function they may serve is creating and implementing contingency plans in the event of an emergency or other situation.

Supply Chain Consultants

Supply chain consultants can serve a company in a variety of ways. Some may be hired to determine ways that a company can run more efficiently. Others may be hired to help ensure a smooth flow of product.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. Each day men and women in these and other positions have an impact on the success of their employer.

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