Top Reasons To Outsource Your IT Services

Having the correct IT infrastructure in place is vital for the effective running of every business, whether you’re a local shop or an international conglomerate. Technology is used in nearly every aspect of business. The question is, do you keep your IT services in-house, or outsource them?

With the economic situation continuing to make life tough most businesses are looking for new ways to cut costs. This is where outsourcing your IT support requirements could be a life saver.

Here’s why:

Looking after your pennies

There’s no denying that the biggest advantage to outsourcing is reducing your costs. Statistics show that the average IT Manager is paid £30 – £40K annually. Once you’ve added on the costs of an IT team, additional company benefits and on-going employee training you’re looking at a big bill.

In these tough times having an in-house IT expert is a luxury that you probably can’t afford. By outsourcing you’ll reduce your costs and be left with a fixed monthly payment that you can easily budget for.

Lack of in-house knowledge

If you can’t afford a specialist then you may have been getting one of your team to manage your IT in addition to their other responsibilities, but do they really have the knowledge to make the most of your technology?

The answer is probably no. However, by outsourcing your IT services you’ll have a whole team of experts on hand whenever you need them. You might even find that your employee thanks you for reducing their responsibilities.

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Focus on your business

We all know that time is money and if you’re running a business your time should really be spent focusing on the core business activities, not IT issues. Outsourcing means you can dedicate your time to your staff and your customers, without having to worry about a technical glitch slowing you down.

Stay ahead of the competition

Technology is constantly changing and if your in-house IT person isn’t up to speed with all the latest applications, products and software you could find that your business is being left behind. An outsourced IT services provider will be at the forefront of the ever changing technological landscape, meaning they’ll be able to implement all the latest solutions and keep your business ahead of the competition.

Access to support and solutions

Have you got a disaster recovery plan? Are you up to speed with information security policies? Do you want to reduce your print and telecommunications costs?

If any of these questions keep you awake at night then outsourcing your IT services could be the best thing for your business. Not only will you have access to a team of experts, but they’ll be able to put you in touch with a whole network of people that are IT specialists who can give you top class advice.

So whether you’re based in Lisbon or London having your IT support outsourced could help your business stay on top and fight the good fight against tough economic times.

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