Why Ch–se P-sters As A Way T- Advertise?

The way that you choose to advertise ultimately depends on the size of your company and what you wish to gain from the campaign. A lot of modern advertising is centred on television and the internet so a lot of people might question the benefits of the old fashioned techniques like posters and billboards.

Simple posters tend to lead to an increase in custom which is great for smaller businesses that don’t necessarily have the need for huge, national advertising campaigns. Generally the most successful advertising is a mixture of the big and small such as posters combined with a social media effort too or an internet campaign and a TV advert, but that ultimately depends on your business.

Posters are successful for a number of reasons including cost effectiveness, credibility, artistic effectiveness and controllability.

o    Cost effective: Creating and hanging posters is simple and easy and doesn’t cost a lot at all. If you’ve decided you’re going to put on a last minute promotion because it’s given out nice weather or your business is small and local then spending £20 having some effective posters printed in order to drum up some more custom is justifiable. Posters – depending on where you hang them – have the potential to be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people for a tiny fraction of the price that it would cost for a TV commercial or internet campaign.

o    Credible: Posters are a tried and tested advertising technique that has been used for years so people know they work. As far as the general public are concerned posters are definitely the most credible form of advertising because they are accessible. Posters can generally be found on lamp posts, in shop windows and on notice boards so they’re acknowledged by the general public. It is this reason that suggests that in some respects posters could actually be one of the most successful types of advertising. TV advertising for example, is strong but people don’t like adverts so are likely to change the channel or make a drink in order to avoid watching them.

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o    Effective: Posters are clearly effective because they are still used by even the biggest brands. If they didn’t work at all then you wouldn’t see posters for the latest movie releases or new soft drinks that are now being sold in supermarkets and not having posters would make places like cinemas and tube stations pretty boring. The whole point of advertising is to make people buy your products or come to your store, so although when they see a poster they might not buy your products straightaway, if they then see a social media campaign about your product or event then they’ll be more likely to come along to see what it’s all about.

o    Controllable: The great thing about posters is that their audience is controllable so there’s no danger of paying for advertising that’s not working. If you create an advert on the internet then although it will be seen by thousands of people there’s no guarantee that it will be the people you’re aiming for. As well as this, there are a lot of people who might click your advert by accident as it pops up onto their screen which means you’re paying for an advert that is being falsely clicked.

With posters however, you can control who sees them so you can guarantee that your target audience will see them. If you’re advertising a book signing for example, hanging posters in a book shop or library will almost guarantee your target audience will get to see the poster.

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