Why Employees Should Have First Aid Training

You’re missing out on a valuable opportunity if you’ve only met the bare minimum of first aid requirements for your business. There are many reasons for training your employees in first aid. Here are a few:

Meeting the Legal Requirements

Having a risk assessment will help determine the legal requirements for your business for how many first aiders are required. The number of first aiders required by a business varies from place to place and depends on a number of factors, including the total number of employees, the industry you work in, and any history of previous accidents. Small businesses typically need only one appointed first aider, which could very well be yourself.

The First Aid Box is Only as Good as the Employee Using It

Having a first kit in the workplace is all well and dandy, but if an accident were to happen and no one has a clue how to use it, then there’s very little point in having it. Almost everyone knows how to put a plaster on, sure – but what about dressings, bandages and other essentials in the kit you cannot just stick on? You’d be surprised on how many people lack even the basic knowledge on using these useful bits of kit and your employees could be among them.

To Provide Awareness 

First aid training your staff means they’ll be more aware of the dangers surrounding them and how best to avoid them. Having a position of responsibility with a staff member trained in first aid is also a good way to encourage good, safe behaviour.

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To Have Even More First Aiders

Due to it being a legal requirement for a number of employees being first aid trained. Having more than first aider in the event of an accident is very useful, and a good way to put your mind at ease during the day-to-day running of your business. Furthermore, if you only have one first aider on-site and they are the one who gets injured, who’s going to look after them? Training more than one employee in first aid is in your business’s best interests and just common sense. The more likely there is a first aider available, the better.

To Show Employees You Value Them

Equipping your employees to deal with accidents and emergencies also shows them that you value them. For example, having more than one first aider on-site shows that you’re interested in their well-being. Also, by sending them on a first aid course, you show that you’re willing to put time, effort and energy into them – invest in them. Great for morale and relenquishing any doubt.

To Save Lives

A bit obvious really. Enough said.

If you are thinking of investing in your employees, sending them for a course in first aid training could benefit your business. TutorCare offer multiple first aid courses at a range of different levels, which could be just the ticket. Check out our options today to find out how we can help improve your business and keep your employees safer.

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