Why Is The Tumblr Acquisition Bad For Tumblr?

Hang onto your Tumblr blog because here comes Yahoo to fix it. In a splashy endeavor to make Yahoo cool again, Yahoo will announce that it’s plunked down $1.1 billion to buy Tumblr. This is another in a series of buys that Yahoo has made in an effort to capture the lucrative 18 to 24-year-old demographic.

This is Another in a Series of Buys The Tumblr Acquisition Bad For Tumblr?

Yahoo wants to be young and hip again, generate buzz and make the world a more fun place for young people. Yahoo’s shrinking audience, which is composed of older Yahoo loyalists who still read their Yahoo e-mail and check out a few news stories, isn’t helping the bottom line at Yahoo. Did someone mention money?

Yahoo wants to make a bazillion bucks with this purchase. It has investors and shareholders to please. Kim Jong Il isn’t cool anymore. Kittens tumbling from boxes are. Yahoo will face the challenge of keeping loyal Tumblr users on board while making an attempt to beef up that bottom line.

Edgy, anyone? Yahoo wants buzzy blogs that generate millions of hits. A blog diet of “Why Dad Yells at Me and Reasons My Son Is Crying will fill the bill and the bottom line for Yahoo”. Stuff like this sends Tumblr users sprinting for the share button to call in herds of friends.

The challenge for Yahoo will be to mine the Tumblr landscape for gold while not pissing off the population. Nobody wants to see their backyard dug up, so this will be a tricky task.

Tumblr is a community of millions of bloggers and readers from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and beliefs seeking out adult-orientated content, states Tumblr.

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Yahoo will face a fickle group of Tumblr users who don’t want their perfectly stacked applecart upset. Remove the wrong apple, and the entire contents of the cart could tumble onto the ground. If the Tumblr loyalists feel that Yahoo is messing up the site, these people could look for greener grass elsewhere.

The transition from Tumblr to Yahoo-Tumblr will fall on the shoulders of Yahoo CEO Marisa Mayer. Her shareholders and investors will exert heavy pressure on her to monetize Tumblr. Monetize most likely means plastering the site with ads.

David Karp, Tumblr founder, mostly resisted the siren call of mammon. Yahoo, as a public company, may not be able to resist. If Mayer goes overboard she will likely anger the Tumblr base who show a deep commitment to the Tumblr community and a dislike of messing with their online home.

A recent article in Time magazine about the imminent purchase of Tumblr by Yahoo generated hundreds of negative comments. The Time magazine editors wrote that Tumblr users feared that Yahoo would melt the cool that Tumblr citizens love. Some users are threatening to move their blogs out of Tumblr. For many bloggers, Tumblr is part of their cherished identity; they don’t want to be identified with Yahoo.

Yahoo has a string of failures that are making Tumblr users nervous. Household names that Internet users are familiar with, such as Flickr and GeoCities, are circling the Yahoo drain. Users don’t want to see their beloved Tumblr get flushed.

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