5 Most Promising Future Technologies For Cars

Do you remember how the first cars looked like? Well, those were horse carriages with huge engines that were incredibly loud and inefficient.

Today, some modern cars rather resemble spaceships, at least when it comes to technologies. The automotive industry has evolved and now uses the latest technologies to make cars safe, convenient and fast.

However, there are some technologies that you never though even existed even if you think yourself to be a car expert or at least an enthusiast. Yes, the industry is not just hanging about. There are next generation technologies out there that are about to revolutionize the car making industry. I’m going to focus on just a few of them.

Smart Dashboard

Mobile and IT technologies are getting popular. Car industry is no different! Voice recognition systems and integration with your smartphone devices will take these technologies to an entirely new level. GPS navigation is cool, but what about using radars and laser detectors to get information on traffic, and not only traffic? What about police traps or speed limits? Well, these technologies are coming. World, watch out!

New Generation Batteries for Electric Cars

Perhaps, you have heard about Chevy Volt. What about having it for $30k? The car has a 250 mile range. Not bad! Today, solid state batteries are developing at an immense speed. Lithium and electrolyte technologies are the Stone Age! What should we expect from these batteries? Lower costs and lower weight, of course! Bye-bye, gasoline!

Wireless Changing

Not only electric cars become popular, but it’ll be also possible to charge them wirelessly, i.e. without plugging in a cord. Audi and Rolls-Royce have already demonstrated their beta systems of wireless charging. All you have to do is to park closer to the energy transmitted. A specialized pas will absorb energy and take it to the accu. It sounds incredibly, doesn’t it?

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Thermal Juice

Estimates show that ? of energy is simply lost when gas burns in a carb or injector. It goes out of the exhaust pipe. Why lose this energy? There are turbocharging and turbocompounding technologies already tried out by Honda and BMW. The trick is in semiconductors that can easily generate electricity when heated by exhaust gases. What does it means for ordinary drivers like you and me? It means more power with the same gas consumption. Wasting energy is stupid, and major car producers do understand it. By the way, NASA has been using these technologies for quite a lot time. Now it’s time for drivers.

No Flat Tires

Everyone, say thank you to Air Maintenance Technology patented by Goodyear. How does it work? Well, it uses the energy during the car motion and natural gravity to auto pump tires. There is a little air tube right inside a groove on the sidewall of the tire. Rotation of the tire makes the air pump in. It’s so gorgeous! Can you imagine your life without flat tires? Me not! Say goodbye to flat tires! New technologies are coming.

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