5 Reasons You Might Consider Car Rental

There are many reasons why you may wish to take up the opportunity of renting a car; be it for practicality, to save money or just for fun; but either way the rental car industry is one that seems to be thriving at the moment. And who knows, with a massive focus on trying to reduce our carbon emissions the act of renting a car instead of owning one full time may become even more popular in the future.

Car rental offers a viable, inexpensive alternative to your usual mode of transport and is always there when you need to take advantage of it. So when in fact would you consider the use of a rental car? You will see from this list that it could be a real friend in a time of need.

If Your Vehicle Is In The Garage
Although some insurers will offer a courtesy car as part of their package if you are involved in an accident, this is not always the case. Also, there may be times when you haven’t had to claim on your insurance but your vehicle still needs work done on it and this could leave you without a mode of transport for a few days.

If you are thinking of including the option of a courtesy car as part of your insurance package, you may want to way up the extra cost over the year against the price of hiring a car for a couple of days; it will often end up cheaper to rent.

If you are going on holiday abroad or even closer to home, you may not want to go through the hassle of driving there but still wish to have the use of a car for the duration of your trip. In these cases car rental is the obvious choice.

Not only will you be able to pick up your vehicle from the airport you arrive at but you’ll be able to see a lot more of your holiday destination and on your own watch too. No more waiting for trains and buses and worrying about working out their incomprehensible timetables.

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Something Different
There doesn’t have to be any other reason for car hire other than the fact that you fancy driving a different car to the one you own. The luxury car rental industry allows anyone to drive their dream car for a specific period of time.

It can act as a thrill seeking experience where you get to do something you could never afford to do on a permanent basis or it could act as a test drive for when you’ve finally saved up enough to buy that Ferrari.

Moving House
Although your first thought may be to hire a removal company when moving house, it might be a better option to hire a van or car that you can drive yourself. This way you will be in control of how long it takes you to move and you don’t have to rush around for a removal firm that has somewhere else to be. You can also cut your costs by hiring a smaller vehicle for a cheaper rate and you can have it for as long as you need.

If you don’t own a vehicle then you will definitely need a hand when moving home but often car rental firms can be a cheaper option than removal companies.

A Permanent Choice
Given the fact that petrol prices are continually rising and we are working hard in all areas of life to reduce our carbon emissions, car rental on a more regular basis may work out as a more cost effective option and will definitely be better for the environment. You need to think about how often you actually use your vehicle and whether you could save money by just renting when you need to.

A lot of people use their cars for short trips to the high street or supermarket but this leads to increased fuel consumption because of the regular short journeys. Consider using public transport for these outings and then car hire for the less regular, longer trips; it could save you a vast amount of money in the long run.

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