5 Top Tips To Remember When Buying a Display Ramp For Your Classic Car

When you have spent hours restoring your classic car to perfection, there is often nothing better than being able to display it, whether outside your own home or at a number of classic car shows. Good quality vehicle ramps make showing off your car, wherever it is positioned, a lot easier, whilst also making any maintenance a lot more straightforward too. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase a vehicle display ramp, which you can find below:

1. Always check what the maximum weight limit of the ramp is
Before buying, you should always make sure that you know what the weight of your vintage car is. With this weight then in mind, you can make sure that you purchase the correct kind of ramp/ramps for your car. You need to make sure that the ramp/ ramps you buy are able to withstand the weight of your car, especially if you plan to take it to shows, as you will obviously want both the vehicle and any onlookers to be safe.

2. Always buy from a recommended retailer
This may sound obvious, but it is essential to make sure that the ramps you purchase are of a high standard and so you must buy them from a recommended company. The company should be knowledgeable about their car mounts and be able to tell you about the materials that have been used in the manufacturing process, as well as any other additional features that make using the car ramps safe and reliable.

It’s crucial that you keep this tip at the forefront of your mind, for remember that you, or someone else, might have to crawl under your automobile at some point and so you want the ramps to be as well made and as steadfast as possible.

3. Choose ramps that are specifically designed for your vehicle
This is really important if you have a classic vehicle with a low profile, for the last thing that you want is to drive your car up on display ramps that are not designed for low profile cars and for them then to do damage to the undercarriage of your beloved vehicle. There are plenty of high quality ramps available on the market that have longer and more gradual inclines, which make sure that no damage occurs when low profile cars are driven up onto them.

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4. Choose ramps that are easy to transport
If you are someone who enjoys visiting show after car show or even just someone who needs to transport their vehicle regularly, then you should make sure that the ramps you buy are easy to transport. There are a lot of very good products out there on the market now and even though many are extremely lightweight, they are still incredibly sturdy and more than capable of supporting a wide variety of classic vehicles.

You will also be able to find a huge variety of vehicle mounts that come apart, which means that they are a lot easier to store and carry, as well as put together and disassemble at the end of shows and exhibitions.

5. Remember SAFETY above all else
Without a doubt, safety is the most important tip to keep in mind and will also help to ensure that you always choose the best display products that you can afford. For instance, if you are displaying in icy or wet conditions, you will need to have ramps that remain solid and non-slippery. Try to find vehicle mounts that also have anti-skid features, as well as those that are weatherproof, as this will mean that if left outside, their sturdiness and reliability will not be affected.

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