Aluminum Trailers – An Excellent Choice!

Aluminum trailers provide engineered excellence and attention to detail.  This type of trailer offers features that please even the most scrutinizing and zealous trailer fans—the NASCAR teams.  Aluminum trailers give their owners superior quality over steel trailers or trailers wrapped in aluminum sheeting.

Let’s take a look at a few features and advantages that higher-end aluminum trailers offer:

Pierce and Roll:

Because the frames and skins of these types of trailers are made from durable aluminum, one can expect superior resistance to rust and corrosion.  Since aluminum trailers are lighter in weight than their steel counterparts, fuel savings and a smoother, easier tow go hand in hand.

Airplane manufacturers use a system called ‘pierce and roll’ during construction.  This method drives high-strength rivets in the skin without fully piercing it.   Many higher-priced aluminum trailers use this same method.  A snug, water-resistant crown forms up and around the bottom of every rivet, thereby, reducing the possibility of water seepage.

Wiring Jacket:

All wires are bundled in a protective shield or jacket which provides a watertight guard.  This jacket, also, protects wires against normal wear and tear and makes connecting them to your car or truck a breeze.

Elongated Tongue:

The rugged tongue, of more expensive aluminum trailers, extend farther back.  Aluminum campers, for example, have tongues that extend almost as far back as the door entrance.  This reinforces the overall strength of the trailer and provides greater safety while towing.

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LED Lighting:

LED lighting technology offers a hassle-free illuminating system for aluminum car trailers.  These advanced lights have some definite advantages over incandescent lights:

—are corrosion and moisture resistant

—draw 10-15% less amps than incandescent lighting

—are rated at 100,000 hours which equates to 10 years of continuous use

—have no breakable/need-to-replace filaments

If you’re considering an all-aluminum trailer, the advantages, in a nutshell, speak for themselves:

—Light weight

—More load capacity since the loading floor is directly above the wheels

—Less rolling resistance which means better gas mileage

—Non-skid tongue and groove aluminum extruded flooring

—-Low maintenance

—Maintains its value due to its non-corrosive nature

Aluminum, due to its many advantages, is the most widely used material for trailers in America.  Though all-aluminum trailers can be a bit pricey, it’s one of those superior products where you are getting what you pay for—high-quality, low maintenance, unsurpassed performance and peace of mind!

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