Attributes That Make Harley Sportster Saddlebags Perfect For Public Speakers

Although a considerable percentage of people all across the globe regard public speaking as their greatest fear; nonetheless, there are certain individuals who are not only charismatic public speakers but have the passion, intelligence and the skill to convince a massive audience. For these individuals, public speaking is not merely an end in itself but rather a means to an end- the end being to bring about a meaningful and productive change in the existing state of affairs.

Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Nelson Mandela can rightly be regarded as some of the most proficient public speakers and activists of the 20th century. These individuals had the capacity to inspire millions of individuals and to steer them towards the formation of a just, impartial and a constructive society. The extraordinary message implicit in the speeches of these great intellectuals, holds great relevance even today thereby highlighting the timeless, contagious appeal underlying the words of great visionaries!

It is noteworthy that apart from intrinsic motivation and a flair for addressing an audience, a public speaker also needs to possess certain accessories such as notepads, flashcards, transparent sheets (for speakers who want to use a projector) and depending upon the size of your audience,a medium-sized flowchart demonstrating the main points of your discussion.

Those public speakers, who prefer to use a bike for their primary means of transport, will realize that Harley sportster saddlebags have remarkable features that will serve to address their needs. The following discussion will serve to substantiate this premise.

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1)      Plastic Reinforced Lid

Almost all public speakers these days bring along a hefty stack of research material, flash cards and their personal lap tops. Squeezing all of these things in the central compartment of an ordinary bag often leads to weakening of the bag’s seams; however, the plastic reinforced lid coupled with the durable body of Harley sportster bags contributes to the shape-retaining ability of these bags thereby allowing a public speaker to conveniently adjust all of the afore-mentioned accessories in sportster bags without worrying about the bag’s exterior surfaces from losing their firmness.

2)      Waterproof

Considerable energy and countless restless nights go into the writing of a persuasive speech. Therefore, a speaker regards his/her speech as the most treasured asset in the world. To prevent this valued treasure from losing its gleam, it should not be exposed to devastating weather conditions.

Fortunately, the waterproof outer surface of saddlebags for Harley sportster will keep the speech and other related material dry thereby preventing the speaker from experiencing a worst-case scenario!

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