Best Trucks for Trailers

Once you have found the trailer you want to use for all of your hauls, you might start to turn your eye toward what the best truck would be for towing it. The truck you are looking for needs to have the right amount of torque and towing capacity to haul the size of your chosen trailer and that the horsepower is what you need for your hauls.

Other things to consider, of course, include finding the best truck for your trailer that provides a good cab size, trailer hitches, brake system, comfort, gas mileage and total reliability. Once you have this perfect truck, then you and your trailer will be more than set to enter the open road.

GMC Sierra 3500HD
One of the achievements of the GMC Sierra 3500HD include being considered one of the top trucks for towing trailers with a towing capacity of 13,000 pounds. In addition, it has an integrated brake controller specifically for trailers. If you are interested in a truck solely for towing a trailer, then you may wish to opt for some of its special optional features like a seven-wire harness, an external engine oil cooler or a heavy duty receiver with hitch platform. Those who live in an area that is colder than most may also prefer to include the snow plow prep package in order to get a wiring harness for the forward lamp and a high flow front bumper among other features.

Dodge Ram 3500
The Dodge Ram 3500 is another model of vehicle that has been named among the best of all towing vehicles as well as being truck of the year according to several sources. The Ram 3500 comes with the ability to tow over 17,000 pounds of pure trailer. Those who are avid about towing their trailer, you may wish to upgrade to the trailer towing package that adds an integrated trailer brake controller along with a receiver for a class four hitch. In addition, the Dodge Ram 3500 comes with a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine underneath the hood that can be coupled with either manual transmission of five- or six-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Super Duty F250
Another one of the small list of trucks considered to be the best to match up with a trailer is the Ford Super Duty F250 which comes in either regular, super or crew cab mode. In crew cab mode, the Super Duty F250 is capable of seating up to six adults at the same time. The Super Duty F250 is capable of towing a trailer upwards of 16,000 pounds depending on the model of choice, but the minimum towing capacity is about 12,000 pounds.

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