Best Used Trucks For 2013

With the recession over and the economy on the mend many people are looking to replace their aging cars. Not everyone can afford a new car though so many are still looking to go the used approached. Then there is that very special breed of consumers who don’t want cars, they want a good old fashioned truck.  How do you know you are getting a good used deal though? A little research can help so we bring to you this list of the best used for 2012. All selections are based on a combination of availability, affordability, safety and reliability.

Used Ford F-150

There is a reason the Ford F-150 keeps ending up on our list of best used trucks. It has been the bestselling vehicle for over thirty years and continues to do so.  It’s steady evolution of power, features and style keep sales strong year after year.  It is also available in an impressive ten trim packages, culminating in a very luxurious Eddie Bower edition. Three different bed layouts are available to give you as much space as you may need.  It also boosts plenty of power from a V6 to an impressive 6.2 liter V8. Ford has a pragmatic Sync Technology which connects portable devices together quite nicely.  Overall, you just can’t go wrong with the F-150.

Used Dodge 1500

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So if you aren’t a Ford fan where do you go? Check out the Dodge 1500. While Ford is still the best the 1500 gives the F-150 a series run for its money.  The source of this competition is Dodge’s top-of-line Hemi V8 engine with 5-ton towing capacity. Its solid-axle rear suspensions also allows for a smoother ride then its competitors. It has ample storage space and an ever roomier interior.  It sports a high quality, first-class cabin and nice electronic amenities.

Used Nissan Frontier

Just as Detroit owns the big trucks so Asia dominates the compact market. If you are looking for a compact then a used Nissan Frontier is the way to go. It’s small enough to handle well on streets and highways but tough enough for most of the light hauling duties and most off-roading as well. It comes with versatile trim kits ranging from the basic, stripped down, four-cylinder S version to the powerful V6 you are sure to find a truck you will enjoy.  It comes in a crew cab version with a split folding seat that does compromise some rear-seat space. No regular cab option is available.

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