Best Van Leasing For Your Business Or Company

With decisions to make, numbers to crunch and people to please, businesses today can be forgiven for not wanting to spend time trying to find the best vehicle to lease for their company.

We thought that we would make it easier for those businesses and companies that require a vehicle, in this case a van, but do not have the time to search for the best one.

We are going to take a look at some of the best vans that a businesses or company will want to lease, with an array of different vans to suit different needs.

Citroen Nemo

For those who want to add a twist of fun to their business vehicle, the Citroen Nemo offers a different visual take than the traditional exterior offered by the more popular panel vans the Nemo is classed as a mini MPV, so you would expect a different exterior anyway.

The Nemo offers plenty of space for four occupants and their luggage, so it manages to prove its credentials for practicality. Space for occupants and luggage means space for building supplies, tools, etc.

What makes the Citroen Nemo even more of an attractive possibility is the vehicles low price and low running costs. The mini MPV falls under the tax band C to help reduce the outgoings of the business or company that chooses to lease this vehicle.

Ford Transit

The Mac Daddy of the van world, the ever-present Ford Transit has been the best selling light commercial vehicle in Europe for 40 years. In some countries, the term Transit has actually managed to be integrated into common usage as a generic term for any LCV of similar size.

First launched in its definitive form way back in 1965, Ford has produced six million Transit models across three basic platform generations with various facelift models of each.

The newest generation Ford Transit was officially launched in January 2013, making it the first Transit model to be sold in both Europe and North America simultaneously.

A Ford Transit vehicle can be found in various incarnations, such as a panel van, minibus and a pickup truck.

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Mitsubishi L200

For businesses and companies that need to deal with carrying large, awkward loads, such as timber for example, the Mitsubishi L200 represents a compact pickup truck that will be able to handle it all.

As pick-ups are classified as light commercial vehicle, a VAT-registered company will be able to claim back the full VAT for the vehicle. In addition, company car owners will also save money as they will be taxed at a flat rate, rather than on a portion of the list price.

Just because it’s a van does not mean that the interior is not kitted out, with the L200 coming equipped with plenty of equipment, such as climate control, alloy wheels, leather seats and a satellite-navigation system.

Vauxhall Vivaro

The Vauxhall Vivaro can be classed as a ‘vehicle chameleon’, as the van is available in panel van, minibus, combined bus/van and platform crew-cab configurations.

Regardless of the configuration, you will know doubt have seen one of these vehicles on the roads a testament to their sturdiness, reliability and value for money.

Classed by some as ‘the van that competitors would love to beat’, the Vivaro offers good storage space for the crew, is easy to drive and manoeuvre and comes equipped with luxuries such as Bluetooth connectivity, air conditioning and a highly functional sound system.

The Vauxhall Vivaro also comes with ABS and EBD braking systems, which provide the driver of the vehicle with much better control over the van in all driving conditions.

Volkswagen Transporter

A quality product from start to finish, the Volkswagen Transporter range of light commercial vehicles comprises an array of variations including vans, minivans, minibuses, pick-ups and campervans.

One thing that Volkswagen prides itself on is the build quality of its vehicles, as you would expect from a German car manufacturer, and the Transporter continues that streak.

Given the build quality and overall performance of the Volkswagen Transporter, many drivers feel that it is difficult to see why businesses choose any other vehicle for their needs. This is a true testament to the quality of this van.

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