Better Inventory, Lower Prices – It’s No Wonder Why Used Cars are Selling Today

The used car market has made a strong recovery from the recession due to the improving economy, low interest rates and recently, Superstorm Sandy. The storm irretrievably damaged approximately 250,000 vehicles and this is putting even more upward pressure on the demand for vehicles across the country, including used cars in Brownsville, TX.

New cars have always been more expensive to buy than a used car and the value of a new car drops the moment you take it off the lot. The amount it drops varies by type and model, and throughout the course of ownership, its vehicle drops annually. A used car is a much better value and, thanks to better engineering, materials and manufacturing procedures, cars last a lot longer than they once did. Cars may last for decades as long as they’re properly maintained, making a used car a more prudent purchase than a brand new one.

According to a news report published by a Philadelphia network TV station, the uptick in the economy and historic low interest rates prompted more new car sales in 2012, which means that the supply of used cars on lots grew and 2013 looks to be a good year for car buyers who want a good vehicle at a reasonable price. Buyers have more options for makes, models and colors when the new car market is robust, and it’s easier than ever to learn the history of a vehicle, helping in the selection process.

Kelly Blue Book’s values have been the industry reference tool, but new resources can help you fine tune the decision to purchase it, along with Carfax is a service that provides a lot of valuable information about vehicles, including:

  • Accident history, including frame damage and deployed airbags
  • Repair history
  • Ownership records
  • Odometer issues
  • Use as a rental or a fleet vehicle
  • Lemon law records
  • Water damage as a result of flooding
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This information can help you make an educated decision about the car you’re considering, especially if the car has been in an accident, an owner pursued legal action under the lemon laws, or if it’s been in a flood.

Another good reason to buy a used car in Brownville TX is that vehicles that have been driven in our climate have fewer body issues, since our climate is mild to moderate year-round. Vehicles from northern states are often exposed to road chemicals used to melt the snow and ice. Chances are the air conditioners have been run at least once a month during the cooler months, keeping them in better mechanical condition.

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