Car Maintenance Tips

Well-maintained car gives effective and smooth performance. For maximum output from your car, you need to keep a regular check on certain areas. Here are few of the tasks you need to do timely. Take a look:

If you often use the windshield washer fluid then you will have to refill it on regular intervals. If you want you can mix the fluid with water. You can do this for better cleaning of the windshield. However, in the winter, do not mix water with the fluid.

Make sure that the windshield blades are in good condition. Remember that little delay in the replacement of these blades can put you in trouble in heavy rainy days.

Check the level of oil inside the car. For doing this, you need to take out the dipstick first. Then read the oil mark. In case of refilling, add more oil. Now put back the dipstick. Check the oil level once again.

Note: if your car requires oil at frequent intervals or there is gasoline smell, take it to a professional mechanic.

Check the brake fluid. You do not have to use the dipstick if your car has a storage tank. Add the brake fluid as with continuous usage the car breaks do get worn out. However if you see a sudden fluctuation in the brake fluid, then you need to take the car to the professional.

Note: do not use any other fluid than the brake fluid. Also during the filling, make sure that the fluid bottle is covered.

Look at the level of the transmission fluid. You need to do this when the engine is running. Do not use any other fluid than what is suggested in the car manual. To avoid overfilling of the oil, use pint at a time technique.

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Note: take professional help if you find the fluid in muddy brown colour.

Look at the coolant level. To understand if you need to add more coolant or not, look at the reserve tank. The reserve tank will have 2 marks:

full hot

full cold

If mark reads as full cold, then add the coolant.

Note: if the engine is hot, do not open the radiator.

Take your car to the professional if you often have to add the coolant.

If you find white smoke or milkiness of the oil dipstick, then immediately consult a professional. It can be the case of a cracked cylinder head. For information on reconditioned engines or cylinder head repair in Ireland, click here.

Battery top should always be dry. There should not be any corrosion on the terminals. Keep a close check on the car battery. If you find its condition doubtful, take it to an auto parts store.

Check the tire pressure. You can consult the car manual for the ideal pressure in each tire.

For the power steering fluid, take the dipstick to check the fluid level. If it fluctuates more than the normal mark on the dipstick, then you need to take your car to a professional. Power steering is absent in some cars. In such a scenario, you don’t have to worry about the power steering fluid.

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