Choose A Quality Dash Camera For Your Car

These years, a dash camera is not unfamiliar to majority of drivers any more, as dash camera prices dropped, they are no longer the patent device for polices, more and more private car owners have equipped or is going to equip a dash camera for their cars.

For those who are not familiar with dash cameras, they might have dozens of questions when they firstly touch a dash camera such as why we need a dash camera, what benefits can we get from?

What is a dash camera?

Generally speaking, a dash camera is a video camera recorder dedicated for a vehicle, power supplied by the cigarette lighter, recording the video exterior of the vehicle, most dash cameras support audio recording synchronously, and store the video & audio files in Micro SD card. Dash cameras are sometimes called Car Black Box, Vehicle Camera Recorder and In-car Camera, etc. They are usually mounted on the windshield not on the dashboard. Also there are some models in-built with dual-lens which support recording the exterior and interior of the vehicle at the same time.

Benefits from a Dash Camera

There are numerous reasons for installing a professional dash camera for our cars.

1. Avoid Insurance Fraud

Many people install a dash camera because of this reason, there are many unscrupulous guys who purposely make an accident so as to blame the other party. They plan to extort money from fake injuries or the victim to get payment from insurance companies.

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2. Provide Evidence in Accidents

When we are unluckily involved in an accident, a dash camera will record what exactly happened and provide the truth for police to deal with the accident, no need to worry about the other party changing the accident scene before the police arrive. What convenient!

3. Provide Parking Protection

Some dash cameras support parking protection function which is really favored by users. When the car is parked, you can turn the dash camera in Parking Mode, it will be on recording status, if someone smashes in to your car, you will have the proof of the hit and run. What useful!

4. Report Bad Drivers

With traffic getting busier, the number of bad drivers seems also increasing. With a dash camera installed, the video evidence captured can be used to report dangerous driving, distracted driving, drunk driving, etc. The video captured by the dash camera provides real evidence of what was happening.

Besides, a dash camera can be used to capture scenery along the road for those who love driving travel. Aren’t these enough for you to go for a dash camera for your car?

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