Clean MAF Sensor to Enhance the Performance of Nissan

Nissan is popular for manufacturing some of the most stylish cars of today. If you purchase these cars, you will be absolutely elated with their great looks. The innovative engineering and elegant interiors will make you fall in love with them. The smooth performance of Nissan is also one of the main reasons for opting for this brand. You will be overwhelmed with their glitch free performance which is due to their robust auto installed parts.

However you have to replace them at regular intervals so that you can drive your car for a long time. Different parts of your vehicle need to be replaced from time to time like engine head gasket, air flow meter and lots more. You also have to clean your car components regularly to enjoy the same original performance of Nissan. It’s essential for you to clean the Mass Air Flow sensor if you want to boost up your vehicle performance. Let’s discuss the process of cleaning Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor:-

Cleaning Mass Air Flow

MAF is one of the components of your car that remain hidden from sight. As a result it is often ignored at the time of normal servicing. However it plays an essential part to ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle. MAF Sensor determines the air volume which is sucked into the engine of your car. If it gets dirty due to microscopic pollen particles and dust, your gear box may not function properly. In addition error codes can be thrown up. Moreover there may be loss of fourth gear. Therefore if you notice a drop in the gas mileage, you can be sure that you have to clean MAF sensor. You may also have to clean it if your vehicle moves less smoothly.

Way to remove the sensor

If you want to clean MAF sensor, you should have Isopropyl alcohol as well as a zip lock bag. You may also have the requirement of a flat blade screwdriver on the basis of your car model for removing it. You will find the sensor tucked away within the air inlet trunk. In order to clean, you have to first take it out from the box carefully. You should be careful while detaching the hoses that are attached to it. The internal wires are extremely fragile and so you have to handle the sensor with utmost care. If you accidentally drop it on a hard surface, the internal wires may break down. You also have to remove bolts if they are attached to the surface of the sensor before cleaning it.

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Cleaning your car part

After removing the sensor, you have to put it in the zip lock bag. Then you have to soak it in a full bottle Isopropyl alcohol. You have to swish the bag in a gentle way so that the alcohol enters all the cracks and holes of the sensor. You should keep the sensor in alcohol for an approximation of 20 minutes. This will help to clean all the parts of sensor thoroughly. Next you have to take out the sensor out of the alcohol and place it on a dry clean cloth. You have to make sure that the sensor is completely dry before you reinstall it in your car. It’s necessary to keep the sensor dry as water or alcohol can enter into other parts of your vehicle engine through it. This can destruct other sensitive components of your car.

Another way of cleaning

You can opt for another way of cleaning by using brake cleaner on the wires of the sensor. You have to just spray a few drops of cleaner on the surface of the wires. After a short time you will find that the wires will look clean. You can also spay some oil drops on the O-ring rubber to make sure that the component can work smoothly without creaking. Then you have to make the sensor dry before reinstalling it back into your vehicle.

Bottom line

Apply these steps and clean MAF sensor easily. However don’t fail to open the cover of your vehicle once and check that the sensor is free from dirt. You can also consult Nissan repair service in your area for cleaning car components and enhancing your vehicle performance.

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