Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Car

There is usually a great war between the dealer and the buyer when it comes to buying a car. The dealer wants to ensure that the buyer succumbs to their terms and purchases the car as soon as possible. This is why you the buyer must battle against being driven away from your purpose. So how can you ensure that? By getting good knowledge about the common mistakes people make when they want to buy a car. For your benefit, here are the most common car buying mistakes and how to deal with them.

Not Doing Your Homework

The worst thing a car buyer can do is to get to the car dealership with their wallet or credit card only and without any knowledge of what they want to buy or how much they want to spend. This can lead to buying the wrong car or overspending. This is why you need to make use of the internet to research the kind of car model, brand and the price range you can afford. Sit down and decide on your budget and make your decision on the type of car you want to buy early. Once you acquire this knowledge no dealer can deceive you.

Thinking Only About The Deal

A lot of people go to the car dealer thinking only about the negotiation deals and how to get the best price. They never take issues like insurance, car registration, license fees and taxes into consideration. In some places taxes are so high that the price of your car will increase by hundreds or thousands. So keep this in mind as part of the overall buying process.

Quick Decision

Experience shows that most people make the decision to buy their car earlier than they should. This kind of attitude can only makes you fall for the dealer’s charm of convincing you that the deal is the best you will get. You can also be carried away by thought of owning a shiny new car. Deals are always there the next day and even several days after that. One superb solution to this is not to make your final decision right there in front of the dealer. Go home and wait for about 24 hours before you decide.

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Buying Irrelevant Add-Ons

Dealers and salespeople are fond of introducing a list of car add-ons to you once the deal for the car is done. As interesting and exciting as they may sound, many of them are actually not necessary for you. There is no real need for you to buy a fabric protector or rust-proofing device. However, if the vehicle already has them, try as much as possible to negotiate in your own favor.

Forgetting About The Test Drive

Not doing a test drive for the car is like buying a TV set without ever seeing it work. You have your self to blame if the car has bad visibility or uncomfortable seats. The best thing to do is to drive the car for about 30 minutes and see how it performs. If possible drive it around the places you regularly drive through and don’t forget about the motorways too. Do that for two or three other models before you make up your mind.

Thinking Only Of Monthly Payments

Car dealers have this attitude of focusing your attention only on monthly payments, instead of the actual cost of the car. This is beneficial for them because they make you choose the longest monthly payment rate so they can make extra thousands in profit. Ask the dealer for the actual cost of the car and calculate the monthly payment that will suit you best.

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