Ensuring Visibility When Driving In Winter

Driving in winter is a great deal more dangerous than during the summer months. It’s not just that cold weather brings snow and ice, it’s also less obvious things, like visibility. There are fewer hours of daylight and even when the sun is up, it is far less bright, making driving more difficult and the chances of accidents greater.
With visibility more difficult, it is all the more important that you can see well through your windscreen. Unfortunately, winter brings with it a host of problems that will make this more difficult.

Demist your windscreen
We have all been there early in the morning, starting our car and waiting for the windscreen to demist. When you’re in a rush, there is always a temptation to set off before it has entirely cleared. It will happen pretty soon, right? Well you should always avoid jumping the gun. It’s not until you’re pulling out of a side road onto a main road that you’ll realise that you can’t see properly at a certain angle. This is very dangerous.

Get windscreen chips fixed
A chip in your windscreen seems a small thing, but eventually it will get worse unless you have it repaired. Repairs are quick and only take half an hour or so, but if you don’t get this done, water will lie in the chip and then expand when it freezes. This is how you end up with a broken windscreen.

Refill your screen wash
Screen wash is a great deal more important in winter than in summer because driving conditions tend to mean you end up with a dirtier windscreen. As soon as the salt spreaders are out, you will notice that your windscreen needs clearing every few miles. If you can’t clear it, your visibility will be hampered and you may well not see something or someone, which could prove disastrous. Make sure you are using screen wash that is suitable for low temperatures so that it doesn’t freeze.

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Check your windscreen wipers
Screen wash won’t do a lot if your wipers are in poor condition. In fact, you may find it makes matters worse as all the accumulated dirt is merely smeared across the windscreen, rendering you all but blind. Replace windscreen wipers as soon as they start to go. They will also be vitally important when it is really raining heavily. Be aware of this, because often you do not realise how deficient wipers are until you actually encounter dangerous driving conditions.

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