Fashion Accessories for the New Driver

Whether you’ve bought your first car yourself, or your parents have as a €˜congrats on passing your test/we’re so proud of you’ gift, you still might have a bit of money left (or you can squeeze it out of your parents) for a fashionable treat for yourself to go with your new car.  From designer sunglasses  to fancy first aid kits, all of these products are either ones you wear or will be hidden from the general view of a passerby so you don’t have to worry about thieves seeing your lovely spoils and taking them.

Most of us own a pair of sunglasses, yes in Britain we may not get to use them as much, but that doesn’t stop us lusting after a that designer pair, or their high street counterparts.  Depending on your budget you could spend from £10 for a simple high street pair, up to over £250 for that stunning pair of oversized Chanel sunglasses with their signature bow on the leg.  Whichever is your style of choice, it’s always a good idea to keep the sun out of your eyes when you’re driving.

Driving Shoes
Probably not something most people give much thought to, but being able to feel the pedals and not getting your heel stuck in the mat are essential for safe driving.  Most driving instructors will talk about what type of shoes to wear when you start having lessons, but somewhere down the line we forget their advice and slip into comfy or stylish habits.  Typical driving shoes are loafer style with a soft but grippy sole which you can find in stores like River Island or Debenhams for about £30, or if you’re feeling a bit more flush perhaps stretch to Gant’s Jolie driving shoes which will set you back a cool £110.

MP3 Player & connector
Picture the scene, you’re driving down a country road, meandering around the curves of the hills, the sun is out and giving your right arm a t-shirt tan and you’re listening to your favorite tunes, only€¦ you’re not.  The hills are blocking the radio signal and your car doesn’t have an MP3 jack, sad times.  But fear not, all you need to transport yourself back to that majestic scene while listening to the soundtrack of your life is an FM transmitter (and some form of MP3 player). You can pick these up online, or in places like Halfords or Currys for about £20 and should fit most phones. Alternatively if you want something a little fancier and you have an iPhone, you could opt for the Belkin TuneBase which doubles up as an iPhone cradle too, but be prepared, it’ll set you back about £50.

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First Aid kit
Ok it may not be the most exciting purchase of your life, but being prepared for the less pleasant things in life to happen when you’re out driving is always a good plan, it could be as innocent as cutting your finger on your keys and just needing a little plaster, but it’s still something you can put your own personal twist on to make it fun and individual.  There’s not many quirky first aid kits out there, but there are lots of vintage tins and cheap first aid kits, combine the two and throw in some OUCH! Plasters and you’ll have something different from all your friends.  Be careful though, you might want to take a first aiders course as with such a lovely kit, your friends will be needing your plasters more often than you’d like.

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