Finding Car Insurance As A Previously Disqualified Driver

As a disqualified driver there is plenty of inconvenience that comes your way as punishment for the wrongdoing you have been guilty of. Not being able to use your vehicle is significant enough but you also have to deal with the problems that can then occur with getting an insurance quote when your ban has expired. Once you have successfully reapplied for your driving licence you may find that some insurance companies turn you down when they learn of your disqualification. This is due to the fact that they see someone who has been banned previously as being at a greater risk out on the roads and so they increase their price for you accordingly. If you are searching for insurance after a ban then these are some tips to keep in mind.

Take a step back
Regardless of the specific reasons for your driving ban it is simply a case of accepting it and trying to put things right in the future as a safe and law-abiding motorist. It is also important to acknowledge that a disqualification will set you back in some respects. When you find an insurer that is willing to offer you cover with them you will find that the parameters have changed from before you received your ban. This is why it is sensible to take a step back with your expectations and consider driving a less expensive car with a smaller engine for example. You can also help yourself if you cut back on the amount of miles you drive each year because this is a detail that the insurer will be interested in.

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Open and honest approach
If you set a lower mileage as your limit on your policy then it can save you some money but it has to be an amount that you can stick to. The honest approach is an absolute necessity when you apply for insurance after being banned previously and you should not allow yourself to deviate from this in any way. Do not be afraid of telling the insurer the specific details of the ban because if you give false information then it is guaranteed to lead to problems.

Convicted driver insurance
The good news for those who have been disqualified in the past is that there are insurance companies who specifically cater to this in the deals they can offer. It is highly advised that you go to these when trying to get a quote because if you are turned downed elsewhere then you have to tell the next company you try to apply with.

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