Four Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Car

You love your car because it reliably gets you around to wherever you need to go while providing you with ample cargo and passenger room. You may use it for your family or for your business, and you therefore want it to last for as long as possible. After all, a car that is used for business is an investment into that business, so the sooner you need to purchase a new car, the more money you will need to take from your business’s earnings and the less money you can show at that time as profits.

If you really want your car to last for many years, there are many tips to help you extend the life of your vehicle and keep it operating smoothly and efficiently for you. As long as you can rely upon your car, you can rest assured that your business needs will be met and your family will be safe riding along in it. Below are just a few of the best tips we found that can be implemented right away to begin ensuring that your car will stand the test of time.

1. Be Gentle with Your Car at the Beginning

If you purchased your car when it had less than 1,600 km on its odometer, you need to be sure to drive carefully. This includes keeping the speed under 88 kpm until you reach the 1,600 km mark. Also, avoid loading your car with a lot of heavy cargo, so keep it as light as possible at the beginning. Not following these tips will result in early wear and tear on the car that you simply will not be able to reverse.

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2. Do Not Sit Idle

Idling your car for long periods of time will result in oil pressure that does not effectively send the oil to all of the important parts of your vehicle. This can lead to a lot of damage in the long run. Therefore, avoid idling in the first place, or at least limit it to short periods of idling to reduce the amount of damage your car will incur.

3. Buy the Best Fuel Possible

Fuel is what powers your vehicle, and it flows through every important component of your car’s engine. Therefore, purchasing a high quality fuel is extremely important for ensuring your vehicle will have a long life with you. Avoid fuel that has been watered down or has not been mixed well with alcohol. Choose fuel from stations that filter it properly. You may need to test different stations to find the fuel that makes your vehicle run at its best.

4. Carry a Light Load of Keys

Try to keep your car keys separate from your other keys in order to prevent your key chain from getting too heavy while in the ignition of your car. The weight on its own is made worse whenever you hit bumps in the road. This strain on your ignition switch can eventually lead to ignition switch failure, preventing your car from turning on.

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