Fuel Efficiency Failures: Our Addiction to Oil

America’s reliance on oil has never been as obvious as it is right now.

You hear talk every day about our fuel efficiency standards – where they are right now, where they should be by 2025, where they ought to be at the present moment. But do you know what this means from the oil side of things? Today over 53 million barrels of fuel have been pumped – that’s over 2 trillion gallons. At this rate, we’re going to run out of oil by 2053. Sure, our fuel efficiency is going up, along with our oil investments – but at this point, it may be a case of too little, too late.

You may think gas is expensive, but you’ll be stunned to find out that the United States actually has one of the lowest gas price averages in existence. Our average of $4.19 per gallon is almost $3 under the 60-country average, and miles below Turkey’s prices, at nearly $10 a gallon. Europe has been ahead of us on fuel efficiency for decades – out of necessity, because of their gas prices. How much will we have to pay before we catch up?

244 million vehicles are roaming US highways, idling in traffic, and facing longer and longer commute times. Our cars drive about 7 billion miles daily – a mile for every single person on our planet, every single day.

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So what can you do?

Buy a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Hands down, one of the best ways to simultaneously save money and save the environment is to spend your daily commute in a fuel-efficient vehicle. Naysayers claim that this move is ultimately not one that will save money, but as gas prices balloon more and more, this is becoming less and less true.

Carpool or Use Public Transport

If a new vehicle is not on the horizon, do all you can to cut down your time spent alone driving. Carpooling takes a number of cars off the highway, and it’s a great option if you all live or work close together. You’ll also be able to whizz by traffic in the high-occupancy vehicle lane – feels good, doesn’t it?

Walk or Bike

If you live close enough to work, consider all the benefits of selling your car and doing your transportation on your feet or on your bike. Just think of the freedom you’ll have and how great it will feel, saving the environment one footstep at a time!

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