Funniest Car Adverts

There are quite a number of car ads, but very few are quite memorable. Those that turn out to be memorable are usually very funny ads, as most people will always remember them. Car dealers are known to be quite savvy when selling cars, and they mostly do this through creative ads.

One of the funniest ads is the Perodua Car Spa Ad. People usually go to the spa to relax, and they usually put spa pebbles on the body. People usually consider going to the spa as a luxurious activity. The Perodua ad takes this to another level by showing a car going to a spa and having the spa pebbles placed on the car. This is a very outlandish concept, with a healthy dose of humor. This ad shows that your car will be taken good care of, with plenty of pampering of course. This car proved to be very popular thanks to the humor.

Another funny car ad is from Porsche. This is a top of the range car that is on top of the wish list of most car enthusiasts. This ad shows a gray Porsche 111 parked outside a service bay. Then, on the side of the car facing the street, there are words written in white, “Cheating Bastard”. Apparently, the girlfriend of the owner of the car is responsible for this writing. This ad shows that the car in such as effective manner that its owner adores it, so much that his girlfriend is jealous. Well, this ad turned out to be quite popular as well.

There is another funny car ad that promotes a certain company’s security system. The ad features a personal car that is parked in the parking lot. However, it stands out from all other cars parked in the same spot simply because it has numerous ropes attached to a nearby tree, for security reasons. This looks absolutely absurd, as no normal person would do such a thing. The ropes used to tie this car are also quite weak, showing the futility of using them in the first place.

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Some car ads are truly a stretch of imagination. There is an ad advertising the services of a company that has specialized in making custom hydraulic systems for vehicles. This ad has a Chevrolet convertible with gigantic hydraulic systems; the car’s body has been elevated ten feet off the ground. Normally, this would be a very dangerous, and maybe illegal, thing to do. The sight of the car elevated ten feet into the hair is very funny, especially when it moves in a wavy manner as it bounces off the hydraulic system.

There is a funny car service ad that advertises the services of an automated car lock system. This ad shows a car that has two holes on either side, on the front and rear doors. A chain then runs through these two holes and is fastened with a typical padlock. It is a very funny ad, but quite effective, nonetheless.

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