Give Your Car’s Interior Some Much-Needed Attention This Spring

Winter Debris

In the coldest and darkest months of the year, we all find it very easy to simply get into and out of our cars as quickly as possible whenever we need to use them.

This means that we find it all too easy to overlook the accumulation of grime and other general dirt which accumulates through regular use, on both the outside and the inside.

This problem is not helped by the fact that, in winter of course, we are likely to be spending more of our time in the car at times when the natural light is either poor or non-existent, so all the signs of wear which accumulate over time are more difficult to spot.

Putting off cleaning

We may be very well aware of the main sources of dirt which gathers on parts of our car’s interior children, pets, shopping and other items which we need to carry around among them but then, when we arrive home, the inclination is to get everything out of the car as quickly as possible, and retreat to the sanctuary of our warm and comfortable homes.

You only have to consider how few people you will see outdoors cleaning their cars during the early months of the year to realise how what at many times of the year is treated as a routine task suddenly becomes a little too much trouble when the temperature drops.

Yet logic also tells us that in the autumn and winter, the likelihood of us treading unwanted dirt and detritus into our vehicles is greatly increased. From leaf mulch, through snow and ice, to mud from soggy grass, these can all leave lasting stains on a car’s upholstery. And if not treated promptly, such marks will eventually dry out helped particularly by our increased use of our heating and air conditioning systems at these times and be much more difficult to remove than if we had wiped them off as soon as they appeared.

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Aseemble the correct tools

To help you when such tasks need tackling, it’s a good idea to keep a good quality upholstery cleaner, together with a clean cloth and sponge for applying and wiping it off respectively, inside the car when the weather is cold, as this will remind you to pay attention and not to let any marks become too ingrained that they become much harder to remove.

Of course, anyone can be easily forgiven for not tackling such stain scourges as they crop up during the winter months but they should be addressed as soon as possible.

Another potential source of problems which is more likely to crop up in the winter is marks and the effects of condensation on a vehicle’s interior glass. We probably all must admit that, at some time or other, we have got into our cars to find the windscreen misted up and, instead of waiting for the air conditioning or ventilation to kick in, have wiped the glass over with a likely dirty cloth, or even the back or our hand and then been frustrated as the smears make themselves apparent, and make it as difficult to drive, if not more so, than it was before we started.

Apart from not looking good, having windows and not just the front and rear, but side ones too obscured while we’re driving is a criminal offence, which can result in points on our licence and a fine. So start as you mean to go on this spring, by thoroughly cleaning the inside windows on your car, and then treating the rest of the interior to a good spruce-up too. There are plenty of products available for the job, and not only will they help you feel much safer when you’re driving, they’ll also make your car a much more pleasant place to be.

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