Houston Volvo Service & Repair Guidelines

It is perfectly possible to let your Volvo odometer jump up to the mark of 1 million miles sans hindrance if you are a conscientious owner of your vehicle and get it maintained and serviced at an AAA certified Houston Volvo automotive service center routinely.

As far as performance is concerned Volvos are masters, yes, but still sometimes problems like noisy engines, vibrations, overheating of engines/coils and breakdown can occur. Any good Houston Volvo service will tell you that every model in this vehicle range is unique and the overhauling requirements of each are different too. So whether it’s any of the not-in-production Volvo models of the XC-series or the R-series, or one of the newer versions in X-series SUVs or S-series Sedans or V-series Wagons, the right service is essential for each vehicle in line.

Checks to be performed by Volvo owners

Houston Volvo service suggests that Volvo owners should perform certain checks on their vehicles to keep the engine running smooth and trouble-free.

  • While re-fueling a Volvo, owners should make it a point to verify the engine-oil/ brake- fluid/coolant and tyre pressure levels routinely. It is a good idea to examine the headlights and the rear lights at the same hour, in addition to the blinkers. Spark plugs too should be removed and examined at every 10,000 miles. The manufacturer recommends the same to be replaced at the 30,000 mark.
  • Checking filters is a must as a clogged filter can bring down the performance of any vehicle dramatically. At 60,000 miles, the fuel filter must be changed, at 30,000 miles the air-filter and at 5,000 miles, the oil-filter.
  • Volvo recommends hose checking by owners during oil changes, more so, before summer and winter sets in. Water/ radiator hoses are susceptible to cracks, swells and tenderness due to seasonal variations in weather.
  • Checks on belt tension should also be performed routinely as too much of tightness or flexibility in them can drastically damage, decrease and/or strain the alternator, pump bearings and water pump.
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To note

When getting your Volvo repaired and/or serviced ensure these 2 things-

  • It is important to get all the replacements done by an accredited¬†Houston Volvo¬†service provider
  • Only genuine Volvo spares should be used to experience the same uncompromising standard of performance always

Every Volvo should be professionally serviced, experts recommend, as a vehicle as brilliant as this deserves nothing but the best.

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