How The French View The Iconic Black Cab

Quite a lot is made of the rivalry between the French and their neighbours across the Channel. However, there is plenty of mutual respect when it comes to those exemplary inventions made through the years. While the French have their own boasts, they do have a respect for iconic British transport such as the London black cab.

It has been suggested recently that the French have noticed an increase in the number of black cab firms operating in and around Paris, with the nation warming to the idea that these taxis are the best way to get around the city as well as to and from the busy airport at Charles de Gaulle.

Gallic affections for the celebrated black taxi cab are certainly true. They seem to look past their clunky style and see the reliability they offer. This most famous of vehicles is slowly being introduced over in France and it seems the French people are embracing this.

The black cab is almost certainly the world’s most recognised type of taxi and its reach can be found far and wide. While the streets of London are where you can expect to see them more than anywhere else, these vehicles are now being adopted by taxi firms in other places too – such as in France.

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These unique and exceptional vehicles are ionic and part of English tradition, like the old red phone booth and pillar box. Just like the yellow taxi cabs in New York, they are associated with a big city.
Those travelling to and from Europe’s busiest airports want to take a ride is something that won’t let them down, which is why the reliability of these taxis is unparalleled.

Even though the cab is usually seen in black, you can now see these taxis in blue, white and red too. This modern update keeps them fresh and interesting, though many passengers still prefer to get to their destination in the black version.

The black cab is being welcomed in France, with many upmarket companies looking to make use of their services. They are especially popular with firms providing services at airports and hotels.
Some people may be taken aback by the level of interest in this British icon from the French, but it is not really all that surprising when you consider that those looking for a taxi are made instantly aware of what it does and what they can expect from the service. Therefore, the black cab is a welcome sight at any airport or station.

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