How to Combat a Traffic Ticket in Arizona

You just got your picture taken, and it just might be the most expensive souvenir you’ve ever received. Photo radar cameras are currently extremely popular in Arizona and are increasing in popularity across the country. Popular, that is, with town and city governments and despised by nearly everyone else. Every day, people across the country open their mail and have the same thought: “How can I fight this ticket?”

Options to Fight Your Ticket

If you’re innocent, have some extra time and plenty of money, you can hire a lawyer to fight the traffic charge. A good traffic attorney can make your case by challenging the facts involved. Technical issues, like the calibration of the radar or laser can be off, which can cause you to get an undeserved speeding ticket.

Using an attorney will be expensive, time-consuming and losing the court case leaves a moving violation on your record that is sure to get your insurance rates jacked up. Guilty or innocent, there are some things you can do to improve your situation.

Look at the area where the radar camera photographed your car. Arizona law requires photo enforcement zones be clearly identified with at least two signs. One of the signs has to be visible at least 300 feet before you enter the enforcement zone. If drivers don’t have adequate warning, the charges will be dismissed. This also applies to mobile photo radar enforcement zones as long as they’re not set up in an area where the speed limit is less than 40 miles an hour.

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Another good way to get your charges dropped or modified is to attend an Arizona defensive driving school. This not only helps with a current ticket, but also, it can help clear points from previous moving violations. You can take the course on the Internet and have the results transmitted electronically to the court.

Defensive driving school facts:

  •  You must have finished the course at least seven days prior to your court date
  • Drivers involved in serious and fatal accidents are not eligible
  • Drivers with a commercial driver’s license are not eligible
  • All Arizona defensive driving schools will inform you of the total attendance before registration

There are ways to beat a traffic ticket. However, the best way is to know your rights and exercise your responsibilities as an Arizona driver. Practice defensive driving, obey the speed limit and keep your hands off your cell phone while you’re driving. The life you save just might be your own.

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