How to Make Your New RV Last Forever

An RV is an enormous investment. Not only are you investing in the safety and comfort of your family, but also you’re investing in a commodity that could hold its value for many years if you take good care of it.

We’re going to identify several ways to make your new RV last forever, not only to maintain the resale value, but to ensure that your family is safe and comfortable out there on the open road.

Preventative Maintenance

 All motorhome dealers know the value of preventative maintenance. Sure, it’s boring, but it’s also incredibly important. Here are some ways to keep your rig running smoothly from first mile to the last:

  • Change the engine oil and other fluids as often as is stated in the owner’s manual;
  • Rotate tires and watch out for low treads or uneven wearing these could be signs of wheel alignment issues that must be resolved as soon as possible.
  • Keep the engine greased and free of grime, or you could see premature deterioration of hoses, wires and valves.


A Sunday Well Spent

 Once in awhile, show your Heartland RV that you care. Spend a few hours on the weekend cleaning it inside and out. If you use your RV constantly, you’ll be surprised at how much trash can accumulate out of sight—even if you’re normally vigilant about garbage and grime.

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Remove linens, pillows, mattresses, light appliances and other small items and apply a heavy helping of elbow grease to your rig. By keeping it aesthetically clean, you’ll cut down on corrosion that can weaken your motorhome from the inside, as well as rotting organic matter than can attract critters in search of a free meal.

 Wear Out, Don’t Rust Out

 Don’t neglect your investment. Like any other machine, your new RV needs to be broken in properly, and then used at regular intervals. Take it out now and then on a weekend jaunt to the beach, the local park or even around your neighborhood. This prevents dry-rotting tires, harmful dust buildup and corrosion in the engine and along the chassis.

If your big trip is on the horizon, make sure to break in your rig like a new pair of shoes. Take it on smaller trips to increase its mechanical efficiency before shooting across the country on a 5,000-mile epic the very first day.

The more careful you are, and the more concern you have for the proper maintenance of your RV Albuquerque drivers search high and low for, the longer you’ll be able to keep it. The longer you keep it, the more fun your family will enjoy along the world’s most interesting roadways. And at the end of your family’s fun, you’ll be able to get a great resale price.

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