How To Tell If Your Car Needs New Brakes

The last thing you want is to be driving your car and realise that your brakes suddenly aren’t working. This is probably one of the scariest driving scenarios imaginable, as your brakes are what keep you in control of your vehicle, and without working brakes, you would inevitably end up in a dangerous car accident. Therefore, it’s so important to know the warning signs as your brakes are beginning to deteriorate so that you can take the right steps towards getting your brakes repaired or replaced as soon as possible, before any trouble occurs as a result of them no longer working properly.

Below are some important tips you need to keep in mind so that you’ll be able to diagnose your car correctly in the event it needs new brakes. Once you realise that your brakes aren’t working properly, or if you have any questions about your brakes, take your car to your favourite, most trusted mechanic so that he can tell you what’s going on, and if any repairs are necessary, he will be able to do everything for you.

Your Brakes Do Not Respond Like They Used To

If you find that your brakes are not as responsive as they used to be or you have to really push down on the pedal before it finally stops the car from moving, you probably need to have your brakes checked by a professional. The diagnosis could be an air leak in the brake hose or leaking brake fluid. If you find that your brakes are less responsive and there is a puddle beneath your car after it has been in a parked position for a while, it is likely leaking brake fluid and needs repair.

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You Hear a High-Pitch Screeching Sound When You Apply Your Brakes

If, while driving, you hear a high-pitch sound emanating from your car regularly whenever you apply the brakes, this means your brake pads need to be replaced, and it’s important to get to a mechanic right away to do so. You won’t be able to miss this sound, as it is loud enough to hear even if your car’s windows are up.

You Hear What Sounds like Grinding or Growling

When your brake pads have worn down completely, you’ll likely hear what sounds like a loud grinding, almost growling type of sound, when you apply the brakes while you are driving. This sound is a result of the caliper and the disc rubbing together because there is no pad in between to stop them from doing so. Not getting this fixed quickly enough will result in damage to your rotors as well.

Your Car Pulls to One Side

If, while you are braking, you feel your car pulling itself to one side, this could be a sign that the brake linings may be wearing out unevenly. Or it could be a number of other things going wrong. Depending on what is wrong, it can be a matter of simply replacing the brake fluid or adjusting the brakes.

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